Ten on Tuesday: To Be Thankful

Soup's on!

We are doing Thanksgiving completely out of order this year, what with making the spatchcocked turkey already on Sunday, and tonight (Thanksgiving Eve) there's turkey soup on the stove.

Tomorrow, it's lasagna on our Thanksgiving table again. That's twice now -- not in a row, and not with full approval, but that's what's happening. We have the turkey thing covered!

Cara told me once that if you do a thing three times in a row (like go to Rhinebeck) then it's a tradition. Almost, not quite... I really wouldn't mind.

There will be pumpkin pie. That's the most important tradition! :)

* * * * *

I started my day cutting out paper onesies for baby shower decoration.

I made turkey soup.

And two trips to two grocery stores, one to Target, and other various stops.

Picked up Mom and took her to physical therapy (an issue with her shoulder -- it's getting better), and then to do a little shopping.

Did a lot of cleaning -- Maddy's here and what began as your basic cleaning/organizing has now turned EPIC.

She also helped with me with a BUNCH of baby shower stuff.

Soup's on and I'm hungry.

Hope your day went well!!

* * * * *


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Being together is what really matters, not what you eat. Well, as long as one of the things you eat is pumpkin pie. Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki. As long as there's pie...


You've fit in all the traditional "things" and you're doing it YOUR way. Sounds like you've setting your own tradition of being not quiet traditional. Happy Thanksgiving, Vicki! I hope you have a long, lovely weekend.


We have a variety of Thanksgiving *traditions* -- enchiladas for several years, roast beef in the crock pot for a couple-three. Turkey, not so much.

Karen Majors

My sister-in-law was born the day President Kennedy was assassinated and every now and then her birthday falls on Thanksgiving day - when that happened my mother-in-law always had to make lasagna for dinner.

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