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Ten on Tuesday: Zzzzzzz

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Thoughts on Daylight Savings Time


1.  Remember to set the clock back!


2.  Did my phone automatically "fall back"?

3.  Reset the alarm clock, living room clock, kitchen clock, stove clock, water softener clock, set-back thermostat clock...

4.  Is that all of them?

5.  Reset the clock in the car -- at the next stop light -- with one hand.

6.  Compare and contrast every clock I see:  Has its owner set it back yet?

7.  This is such a pain...

8.  And I don't even have a watch(es)!


9.  Aaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh! I'm so... discombobulated. And tired. And look at that, it's practically "night" at 4:00 already.

10.  I hate this.




I am hoping to have it "all together" again by the end of the week!


Love this post! The clocks at work are driving me crazy!


Changing of time in the fall doesn't bother me as much as the darkness at the end of the day. Why would anyone think to mess with the clock? I understand not.


Oh and that all worried feeling you are late or something when you glimpse the time on a clock that someone forgot to change...


I mostly have clocks that automatically changed BUT the two battery operated clocks that I changed myself (one at home and one in my office at the library) are now both losing time. What the hell?


You nailed it. And then the next evening, making SURE you remembered to reset the clock to wake you up for work.


do you think Carole's going to use all this input for a petition to STICK with Standard Time? surely the time we waste getting onto and off of Daylight SAVINGS time isn't worth it, right?


It's kind of a pain, isn't it???

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