Something I don't do very often
A weekend away - Chicago

The suspense is killing us


Taos Women's Jive Pump -- in the photo posted yesterday, there's a brown pair right at my feet and the very helpful saleswoman was at that very moment getting the black pair that I eventually bought. Oh, I did love a few of the others, but one at a time suits me fine.

I went in for a pair of black flats and, while not quite that, I think it's closer than the time I went in for sandals and came out with Mary Janes!




I noticed the one shoe with ties and thought that's just the type of shoe I'd like! Good work! (But, you should have bought one more.) :)


Love! (I'd want the brown ones, too. If they're the same style . . . but in different colors . . . maybe that counts as just one pair?)


I love them! I bought black Danskos on Saturday and went back from the brown ones yesterday.


They're great! I'm having a hard time with shoes these days ... my arthritis means I need a ton of support, and my high arches mean that shoes that close over the top rarely fit well. When I do find shoes that work, I'm tempted to buy several pairs.


I love them! I've got shopping coming 12/6 and I'm hoping for shoes too! (Not just presents!!)


Hmmm,,,, shoes,,,, LOL


What great shoes! I had a somewhat similar pair that I loved and wore to death. Eventually, though, my ankles demanded that I give up anything higher than a 1/2" heel. Merrell clogs have been my mainstay since then.

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