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Cloche Divine

I love cool-to-execute knitted-in details, such as this bow:

I love cool-to-execute knitted-in details. #knitting

I started this hat on Thursday and finished on Saturday night. I always forget how quick hats are to knit!


I have no modeled shot. I knit the smallest size and it's a wee bit small for the recipient, but that's okay! No. 2 will be knit in-the-round and it'll be so much quicker.

I'll also knit the brim just a few rows deeper.




That is adorable!


I'm in awe of a designer who knits the bow right into the fabric. How cool! It would be wonderful to see the hat modeled!


I love knitting hats (they're almost instant gratification projects). I am also loving the bow on that hat!


I do love knitting hats and that one is super cute! (sadly, I don't know anyone who wants hats...cowls and socks take a lot longer to knit!)


Love it! I'm thinking I might need to give this one a go. Not liking the worsted in my stash - might need to visit the LYS when I'm home in GA for Christmas.

P.S. Did you notice "your" blue yarn in the afghan shot on the blog? :)


I must have missed this - it's very cool and I have added it to my list.
I love a cloche and the bow!

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