Let there be light.
I began

As we begin again

Rusty and I visited the local pub for a mug and a burger early last evening, planning to spend the rest of the evening in... quiet and cozy... because, baby, it's cold outside! Maybe we'd watch the ball drop, or maybe I'd finish watching the episodes of Luther currently available on Netflix, or maybe we'd hit the hay early.

Then I had an invitation from Ali to go see Saving Mr. Banks at 9:45 -- it was $5 Tuesday at the movies! A date with one of my girlies, plus free popcorn and $2.50 sodas? Perfect!!

I loved the movie. I cried and laughed and cried some more! Tom Hanks & Emma Thompson were terrific -- they nailed it -- all the cast, really. And I enjoyed the back story -- though I couldn't help but think of some parts of the story that were left out, mainly about P.L. Travers' bizarre adoption of one twin but not his brother. But it is, after all, only a moooovie, and an enjoyable one -- as is Mary Poppins, one of my favorites -- flaws and all.

Today, I am doing laundry and making up the bed for KATE! She arrives tomorrow evening, fresh from Hogmanay in Edinburgh! She'll be here for about 10 days and, with any luck, will help to welcome Zim before she departs again. It'll be close.


Some knitting and maybe some sewing, a little New Year's Day football (Go Badgers!), a visit with Mom... it'll be the usual around here today and, really, that's just fine!



Teresa C

Awesome! Mary Poppins is my favorite. When we were kids we couldn't just watch it at our every whim so I wore.out! my album of the soundtrack. Can't wait to see Saving…. I'm going to see Frozen first, though.


Come on ZIM!! :D See you soon! xo


You're starting with all good things!!


Happy New Year!!


What a lovely NYE! I was just browsing Madam Defarge Knits on Tumblr and saw this: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Katri63/36x-36-mitten-building-chart
which made me think of you and little Zim.


We're planning to go see Mr. Banks on Saturday - everyone I know that has seen it has raved about it! Happy New Year!


wonderful start to the year!

*fingers crossed* that Zim and Kate will get some quality time before she goes back.


Happy New Year! 2014 looks to be pretty darn exciting! (And I was totally charmed by Saving Mr. Banks. A delight!)

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Happy new year--such exciting events ahead for you with the baby coming soon!


what a delightful start to 2014! I had a similar reaction to Saving Mr Banks...loved it!

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