Ten on Tuesday: Accentuate the Positive

As I sit here in the middle of the 2nd Polar Vortex of the year, which, in simpler terms, means that it's fucking freezing here right now (again), Carole tests with her ToT topic.


Screen shot this morning.

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things I Like About Winter

1.  Gigantic snowflakes.

2.  Deep fluffy snow.

3.  Snow days!

4.  Christmas!

5.  Wearing my handknits... and more knitting!

6.  It's the best time of year to make & eat soup.

7.  It's also a great time of year to snuggle in and catch up with TV shows & movies. A friend is taking it one step further and holding an informal (but themed and quite organized) Film Festival at her house on Wednesdays in February & March.

8.  A frosty landscape.

9.  Sometimes the light... I love the "blue period" at dusk, when the sky and the snow -- everything glows BLUE! Also, sunny days. Sunny days are usually crisp and cold but, hello, LIGHT! It reflects everywhere and, at this time of the year, the sun is slowly rising and feeling warmer. Slowly, slowly, the days are getting longer.


10.  Vacation -- either going on one (to someplace warm, which I've only ever done once) (definitely not the last) or planning one (Scotland in May)!




Amen for vacations - Mexico in April! And yes, winter will be over by then but I'm too scared of flight delays and cancellations to travel in February.


Seriously -17!? You are hardy. We need winter to make a showing this month. It's only given us gray and no snow.


I need to quit whining about our -8 last night; -17 is seriously cold. Maybe you need to knit this hat?:
Stay warm!


A big YAY for vacations! Scotland in May will be wonderful.


Scotland! Can't wait to hear about it.


I've been thinking about you basically every day when I hear the national weather. You guys have been nailed this year!'ve got something special to look forward to! (How are you going to leave Junah???)


Great list. I totally agree about the light. When the snow glows it's fantastic.


oh brrrrr.... where does all the cold air come from? surely it's about to run out, right? winter light is beautiful - hoping to see some here today...reflecting off all the ice and snow.


This topic was definitely a challenge - and my winter experience this year hasn't been as bad as up there in NEW.

I have always said I would rather have brilliant, sunny cold winter days than warmer, gray winter days. Hand knits do make it more bearable. :)


Well, I always say . . . if it's going to be winter, it might as well be WINTER. (But it can stop soon.) XOXO


That blue time of day is especially lovely when the western horizon is still pink. I saw that a few days ago and smiled.


This is an unbelievable winter isn't it? And we are still in the thick of it.
There is an eco film festival in our town on Wednesdays once a month in the winter. Your friend has the right idea with film nights!
The Blue Evenings are my favourite too.

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