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I'd been going a little bit crazy for a while at home, looking for a pile of baby sweaters & knits. With the remodeling and other changes at home, they were moved... someone moved my cheese! (I'm sure it was me!) I even ran across them not too very long ago and thought to myself, Aha! Remember this location!!


Among them were hand-me-downs I'd made for Mack & Addy: Wee Weasley, a couple of Wallaby sweaters, Opptuna, Baby A.


Also among them were the baby knits that I'd made/began before I even knew there was a baby on the way (the ones not given at the baby shower): Fiddlehead, Puerperium, Boy-O-Boy, Hug Me, Demne, Vintage Baby Cardigan, along with some hats, a bib.


Not an insignificant number of handknits!!


I finally spotted the bin last weekend and pulled out a few items for Junah -- Aviatrix and Puerperium, for sure, because they're perfect for a newborn!


Big bonus for this knitting grandma is the opportunity to update Ravelry project pages! So far, Parcheesi, Soakers, Aviatrix, and Puerperium! Some of these knits -- years old -- have never been worn by a baby!!

Oh, how things change: There were two photos of Junah & me to choose from, he looked good in one and I looked good in the other... heh. LOVE!




I think you both look great! He's a long one, isn't he? And he's very serious. I bet you can't wait for the first time he gives you a big toothless grin!

Teresa C

I love that photo of the two of you! What a beautiful and young grammy you make!


ah, another *contented sigh* I LOVE Puerperium (what a perfect Valentines color!) and it looks so perfect on little Junah. and you look beautiful too!

Cheryl S.

Family heirlooms! Yay!


That is a great picture of the both of you!


I think Junah needs a few more hand knits!
I love the first photo of the two of you.


Incredible trusseau! Lucky boy. You both are gorgeous and the knitting is sublime. Love the color block vintage cardigan.


I have to tell you, it was very hard for me to read what you wrote because I was distracted by the baby pictures! OMG, that little boy is SO cute!!!


Eh, babies look good not matter what, so always go for the picture that makes you look best!
Beautiful knits! He's a lucky boy.


We talked about the number of baby clothes you were knitting a few years ago and you told me you like knitting them because they were quick knits. You also said you hoped someday for a grand baby to wear them. Well, here we are! It's so fun to see the cute little knits "in action"!
You look great with Junah in your arms!


It's great that you found your stash of baby knits. I really love that sweater. I'm a sucker for babies in red and Junah is just adorable.


First let me say - LOVE your hair! You look fantastic!

And I can't look at pictures of that sweet boy too long. I get all broody and we can't have that! <3 <3 <3


Congratulations to you (from a lurker)! What a robust, gorgeous baby, and I love his skinny legs. I had a lambskin for my kids, too, made everyone happy.


Just impossibly wonderful.


What a beautiful photo of both you and little Junah! He is so, so very precious. So much love.

Lynne S of Oz

Wow, I'm waaay behind on the news. Congrats, Grandma! Junah won't be lacking warm woollies, that is for sure!

Kathode Ray Tube

That little hat is so sweet! And you look fabulous in that picture. He is adorable.

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