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What a difference a year makes...


About 12 hours before Junah Michael Lee was born, I had a teary little pow-wow with Kate before she began her long journey back to Edinburgh. I'd had a few days off when she first arrived and we all spent a lot of time together. It was a great visit.

My first message was to Katie and, with only about 5 minutes to spare, I was able to relay the message, "It's a boy!" before boarding began in Chicago. I wasn't able to respond to any of her messages before departure, but at least she knew that the baby arrived and could relax a bit on the ride over the pond!

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And on Tuesday I took my mom over for a visit and we had a 4-generation Skype chat with Auntie Kate! Are they adorable, or what?


I was originally going to take the week off of work to help Ali, but I went back on Thursday at noon.


I'll get some cuddle time tonight, and will probably take some "good" photos sometime over the weekend.

5 Days old already!


Ali had felt the first pangs of labor on Friday morning. I started sewing the Alabama Chanin baby blanket on Friday night and worked on it quite a bit over the weekend. I also knit my first stitches (not very many) (on Pepita) of 2014 while Ali labored! But I sewed instead of knit at Knit Night last night (the first one I've been to in AGES) and I'm almost half-way with the applique part. I sort of dove right into this project, so now I'm starting to think about the edges and how to finish them.




Such a sweet photo of your mom and the new little babe. Junah truly is a very handsome boy. Your whole family must be over the moon.


"well" indeed! what an exciting time for you and your family. I'm sure everyone is excited to add a BOY to the mix! happy stitching. and cuddling. and just.being.grandma!!


He's a gorgeous little thing. Sure was a long labor though, eh? Poor kid. I'm guessing if you went back to work early, though, that she's taken to this whole motherhood thing extremely well. I remember how much I relied on my mom when Hannah was an infant - you have a wealth of knowledge and skills to pass on to her now, stuff she doesn't even know to ask you! Enjoy taking those photos of little Junah.


That photo of your mom and Junah is so so lovely!! Enjoy that babe!! Our first baby in the family turned thirteen yesterday. It's mindblowing how fast it all goes! LOVE!!!


What beautiful photos. The one of your Mom and Junah is priceless. He sure is one handsome and healthy looking babe!


Such a beautiful, beautiful boy! I so love the photo of your Mom and Junah. What a precious, sweet, and forever-special shot! Lovely.


Oh I could just snuggle him right up! :-) And that picture of your Mom...


Your grandson is SO cute! I just want to hold him!

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