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I took one look at my Instagram profile and, well, that pretty much says it all.


My grandson and Alabama Chanin, which sometimes intersect, a little bit of knitting, the occasional observation about the weather, and musing on getting the empty toilet paper roll into the wastebasket... a shot that, even after 27 years of practice from that specific Point A to B, I still miss most of the time.

I am closing in on the quilting and reverse applique of the Alabama Chanin-style top I'm making. I'll have to do some careful cutting of my pieces prior to sewing up, due to rushing in at the beginning and the more careful reading of the directions not happening until later. The whole concept of "slow" is going to be a work-in-progress... a practice, if you will. That's what this piece is all about, anyway, and I can't wait to... slowly... finish and make another. I've made large format copies of all the pattern pages in the books and I'm ready!

* * * * *

It was a great day off yesterday, beginning with my early morning Junah time. I took my mom to the lampshade shop later in the morning, and it was so nice to get out and actually go somewhere with her; a quick trip to Target with Ali after Junah's (approx.) 6-week check up; chiseling away at odd chores in between, making dinner, and then some sewing while catching up with the day's Olympic action... It's all pretty darn good.


11 lbs. 1 oz.!!




He's getting so big! I love all of your instagram photos.


Oh my! So big! I love watching you Alabama Chanin obsession which I will never ever share with you. ;-)


He's growing so quickly! I agree with Cara and watching your obsession. Someday I'm going to have an Instagram account and follow you.


Two good things to be obsessed about!

Teresa C

Haha! Cara is one to talk, right (not that I'm not in the same category), but I love watching like minds doing different things.

That baby! I want to hop on a plane so I can come eat him up!


I'm loving the Instagram feed too! Happy Friday!


your Instagram is making me very happy, too. enjoying everything (except your winter) vicariously!

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