Ten on Tuesday: I'm seeing red

Right now...

In a nutshell.

WATCHING:  The Olympics...

READING:  The Paris Wife. I'm actually going to finish it on time for book club! It's like a miracle or something.

KNITTING TINKING:  Follow Your Arrow. I had a mishap with some extra stitches and the pattern's off in one part now. Blech.

LISTENING TO:  Rosanne Cash, among other things, but this a lot lately.

THINKING ABOUT:  Taxes... two returns down, two to go.

CELEBRATING:  Two finished tax returns!

PLANNING:  Scottish Highlands vacation.


ITCHING TO:  Sew. Stencil and sew and cut and maybe even do some beaded embellishment.

DRINKING:  Beer. Spotted Cow at the moment. Well, not at this very moment, unless you're reading at beer o'clock.

NEEDING TO:  Dust my house.

ORGANIZING:  A lot of the stuff I "downsized" out of the upstairs apartment.

INSPIRED BY:  Spoilers. I have taken a peek at the Follow Your Arrow FO spoilers and may change the tinking to an all-out frogging for a re-start.

DELIGHTED BY:  Room to grow!


Happy Valentine's Day!




It's all good! Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!


The Paris Wife was a great read. You'll have a great discussion.
I'll be anxious to hear which direction you're Arrow leads you.
Happy Valentine's Day, Vicki!
Give Junah a squish for me!


Love that onesie - he'll grow into and out of it in no time! Following along with your Arrow on Instagram. Hope the 2nd time goes better/faster!


"The River and The Thread" is stunning, isn't it?

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