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So long, February

Ten on Tuesday: I feel...

Ten on Tuesday:  "I feel..."

1.  I feel cold. Wisconsin, winter, blah blah blah; we're in record-breaking territory for below-zero temps, or something ridiculous like that, so BLAH!

2.  I feel pretty. Haha. Well, I don't actually feel pretty at this very moment, but that keeps popping into my head, and sometimes I do; this time:


3.  I feel satisfied, surprised, accomplished, and amazed that I've finished sewing my Alabama Chanin style top! (I may wear it tonight to book club and, if so, will see about getting a photo; if not, it will happen soon.)

4.  I feel so motivated to do more handsewing... I can hardly believe it. I've been gathering materials!

5.  I feel pleased that I didn't completely frog my Follow Your Arrow shawl, and even found some knitting mojo, picking it up again to do some work during Closing Ceremonies. Obviously, I veered completely off course with that project in terms of completing it during the Olympics!


6.  I feel so happy that I'm able to spend some regularly scheduled one-on-one Grandma time with Junah every week... sometimes I even let Grandpa hold him. Heh.

7.  I feel a little overwhelmed by things... and I'm glad I'm feeling it "a little" and will take steps to make sure I don't feel it "a lot."

8.  I feel as though I've let some balls* drop. Big time.

9.  I feel bad that I didn't write a single letter in February. Not even to my daughter who lives far, far away. I'm a terrible mother. (I do enjoy our weekly Skype chats, though, and I'm SO looking forward to visiting her in May.)

10.  I feel the sun!! Do you? Our bedroom faces south and on sunny days the solar gain is AMAZING. Usually, though, once the sun goes down the room cools right down, but lately it's stayed warm well past sundown. So even though I'm feeling cold (#1), I am well aware of (searching out) all of the signs of the coming warmth.





I feel like winter is never going to end. I did SEE the sun. I don't know if I felt it on account of the wind chill :)
Pretty pic of you and the girls.


The sun is a TEASE. It looks warm and inviting. But it is not. (Yet.) It is so nice to see the sun LONGER, though. More light makes even the cold sun bearable. Life is good. And you are a FABULOUS mother. XOXO


It is in the single digits here today and that's extreme cold for us. I pretty much hate it. But March is almost here and I feel happy about that!


Letter writing does not make for a good mother. Staying in touch makes a mother good and you do that (in spades!). The longer days will soon hang around long enough they'll warm things up. If our weather stays through the summer we'll be part of the Mojave desert! You ARE pretty and I'll bet you look marvelous in your new top!


I think I made it 7 days into the letter writing thing and then fail! And your mothering rings loud and clear through your blog voice - no doubt there.


I love that picture of you & your girls.


...and I'm feeling very happy to have a few minutes to read your blog. I always enjoy it. can't wait to see your modeled top. I've been admiring the making on Instagram. quite impressive!

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