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Ten on Tuesday: The Olympics


Friday night began with the stenciling of the Alabama Chanin style boatneck top that I'm making. I could not be happier with how it turned out! 

Thrilled with the stenciling but having to wait for it to dry, I took that good mood into the significant ripping of Follow Your Arrow. I didn't frog the whole thing, but went to about the mid-way point of Clue 1.


Maddy, my sister Karen, and nephew Daniel were all here for one reason or another so we invited Junah and his parents over, too, and had a little brunch on Saturday morning. My mom came over and we all played Pass The Baby!


Karen instigated a little after-brunch crafting hour and while they (Karen, Ali, Maddy) embossed some drinking glasses, I pulled out my boatneck and did some basting. Then I contemplated thread colors.




Junah is such a handsome guy. :D

I'm watching your stenciling with anticipation!


"Pass the Baby", I feel there might be less secrecy involved in this game than "Button, Button, who's got the button?" Especially if it's time for a fresh nappy! How does he get cuter each time there are new pics?!


Your sister Karen fooled me into thinking she was you in that photo, with different hair and cheekbones. Families!


Junah has so much love in his life. He's a lucky baby in so many ways. Look at his wardrobe, the many beautiful women in his life and his handsomeness. Love the stencil. You're family has very creative genes.


I can't wait to see how the stenciled top progresses. Love all the process photos you're sharing. I decided on 5A after all...and I've got 6 rows left to finish. Today, I hope. And as always, love seeing Junah modeling the handknits. He looks like he's enjoying all the love immensely!


What a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see your projects progress. Can't wait to see Junah progress! (And you'll never regret the ripping.)

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