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One day last weekend, walking into the house through the back door, I detected a little whiff of gas in the air. Later, I noticed that the gas company was working on a "gas thing" down the hill at the end of our road.

As I left for work on Tuesday morning, I noticed yellow flags and all kinds of paint lines in the snow in front of our house... immediately calling home and Rusty confirmed that the lines had been drawn in front of our house, the neighbors', and at the house across the street. They were unable to find a leak they were looking for, so had to move up the hill... and in front of my house.

When I returned on Tuesday, a hole had been dug and there was a small machine parked out front.

On Wednesday, there was a larger hole and a boring machine was brought in.



Well, actually, I snapped the photo this morning, but the scene is the same.

Everyday I come home and there's a bigger hole, a bigger pile of dirt, and a bigger piece of equipment (or two) in my front yard... not to mention a bigger chunk of my garden torn up. Bye-bye lovely brick walkway and Blue Angel Hostas, I'm really going to miss you!

Most people just have grass in the little terrace area between the sidewalk and the street, but I had a garden -- lots of hostas, astilbe, coral bells, a bunch of stuff that I didn't want, and plenty of weeds. It'll be interesting to see how it's all redistributed and what grows where.

If anything.


This in yesterday's mail was a bright spot! (As was Knit Night last night -- big group, new faces, lots of fun & gabbing.)

I took advantage of a recent Alabama Chanin promotion to purchase an all-over stencil (only one, and which one was an agonizing decision) (Angie's Fall), some thread, and color cards -- in preparation for next time, Charm Bundle(s). The stencil is still on the way and I can't wait! I have plans: a few more onesies, some tops for me (I have boatneck-on-the-brain), and eventually the Donna Karan coat from Natalie Chanin's Craftsy class, Hand-Embellishing Knit Fabric: Stenciling, Appliqué, Beading and Embroidery.

In other news, Junah & I have our first official date tonight -- my first official babysitting gig while his daddy works and his mom enjoys a little girl time.




Sorry about the garden space, but better to not explode, I guess. And it's good to read that a grandma can get a hot date with a younger man! Have fun.


That is some drastic digging, but I do admire your positive outlook. Hopefully the leak is located before the digging gets much closer to your house and weeds aren't the things that return. Keep looking for the bright spots and enjoy your date tonight!


Enjoy your evening with Junah. You'll have a grand time together!
We had the same problem last year and I can tell you what comes up is weeds. We replanted last summer and spruced up our area. You'll have a blank palate to create something new!


I bet you never thought you'd look forward to a date with a bald dude wearing diapers. Heh. Have a blast!


Your first babysitting adventure. Hope it was all warm and snuggles!


I can only imagine how wonderful a grandma/grandson date could be. . .


I would be HEART BROKEN if unplanned digging of that nature happened in some parts of my garden. In other parts, well. . . I'd sort of welcome the free digging service! I hope you can put things to rights in the spring -- and have some fun putting the pieces back together again.


I suspect you will replant that space beautifully!

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