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10 Years!

TODAY!! It's the First Day of Spring (yahoo!) and my 10th Blogiversary! Here's the last installment of TEN for TEN.


I'm not altogether sure I'd have kept this up for 10 years if it wasn't for you.

You've offered advice and support through some bad times, and you've celebrated the joys and triumphs of many good times! You've certainly encouraged, enabled, and influenced me. I wouldn't be half the knitter I am if it weren't for blogging. And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't presently have my foot stuck in the rabbit hole of hand sewing, either, if it weren't for blogging.

It's not always easy writing this blog and, in glancing back these last 10 days over the past decade, I can see how much things have changed -- what I share, how I write, and the pictures. Sheesh! There are certainly some cringe-worthy photos, but I did what I could with what I had (P.S. I still love you, Sony DSC-85!). What struck me most was the size! I recall bandwidth being an issue at times, back in the day, but postage stamp photos -- I guess everyone just "clicked to make big" the photos they really wanted to see. Because, wow, TINY. (I fixed some of those as I ran across them.)

But holy cow, 10 years! 

Thank you!! Thank you for reading, laughing, crying, encouraging, enabling, and just for being there. It's always comforting to know that there's a big collective shoulder here, and someone willing to listen.

* * * * *

So, all week I've posted the link for the Craftsy Class Giveaway and I think I'll be ready to announce the winner tomorrow. That giveaway doesn't really have anything to do with me, I've just given it some space and airtime, so I've decided that I will give away another Craftsy Class and probably some other presents, too! Because, holy cow, 10 years!

I'll randomly draw winners from all who leave or have left a comment on any of the Ten for Ten posts, including this one, through midnight CST tonight.

*Giveaways have ended*

Thanks again!

* * * * *


That's Ten for Ten!

* * * * *

I'm hosting a Craftsy giveaway. Follow the link below and you could win a class of your choice, up to $59.99 in value -- only 1 more day to enter. 

Enter to win a Craftsy class!

*Giveaway has ended*

You will need to either log in or create an account to enter the giveaway. Entries will be accepted through midnight CST on Thursday, March 20th -- the First Day of Spring and also my 10th Blogiversary! The winner will be chosen (using and directly notified (via email with the free-class link) by Craftsy!

Some of the Craftsy classes I've enjoyed include Natalie Chanin's Hand-Embellishing Knit Fabric: Stenciling, Appliqué, Beading and Embroidery, Angela Tong's Rigid Heddle Weaving, and Amy Herzog's Knit To Flatter. There's much to choose from!

Clara Parkes' Know Your Yarn: Choose the Perfect Yarn Every Time!



You hit the nail on the head for the reason why we all keep blogging - the connection with each other. I can't imagine my day without my blog, your blog, and all of the other blogs belonging to our friends. Congratulations on 10 years, Vicki!


Congrats on 10 years! It doesn't really seem that long until I look back right to the beginning. The Ten for Ten has been fun to read.


There is no blogging without the YOU! The friends we've made, the fast connections made, the knowledge we gained, and the joy of being together...they create community. You have inspired as much or more than any other blog pal. Thank you for being here, Vicki! Congratulations on 10 fabulous years!!


Wow 10 yrs. Good for you. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, even if I haven't been here the whole ten years-the last year has been lovely.


Congrats on 10 years! Your blog has been a joy to read.


Happy Blogiversary!!! Your blog was one of the first knitting blogs that I found along with Margene's. My 10th anniversary rolls around in June. It's amazing that we have all been doing this for so long, isn't it? xoxo


Thank you for your blog!
It is always a pleasure to read.
I always look forward to the connection to home.
Here to reading your blog for many years to com


Mazal tov for the 10th and many happy returns. And most important, thank you for sharing all those beautiful photos, projects, creations and stories with all of us!

Jen A

Congrats! 10 years is no small accomplishment!


Congratulations and thank you for ten years! Here's to all the wonderful things you've done, written about, taken pictures of, and shared, and wishing you (and us, your readers) many, many more!


Congratulations on ten years! That's a long time, especially on the internet.


Happy Anniversary!!!
I really have enjoyed reading your blog the last few years.
You're definitely an inspiration

(Not That) Joan

I bookmarked you somewhere around year five... Thank you for all these years of blogging, the bitter and the sweet, and the knitting inspiration!

Beth in Seattle

And yet another congratulations on 10 years! Your interests and struggles always seem to be similar to mine and that keeps me coming back for more. I appreciate the effort that you put into these 10 posts, the other posts of days past and days to come. Thanks Vicki!


Congratulations! I look forward to sharing many more years of all things that make up a full and joyous life. Thank you for being part of mine...


A day late but no less sincere--thank you so much for your blog. It is one of the regular delights of my life. We have never met but I feel that I share a bit of your life and vice-versa. Congratulations and here's to ten more!


Congratulations on a decade! You started right before I did! My 10th is this week. Here's to the next decade...

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