Well, that was fun

Five for Friday

1.  I had a bad, bad head cold. Ugh. Seems as though people everywhere are sick! The weather is hideous and I'm sure that's not helping. Except for a bright spot on Sunday (maybe into Monday), when it's supposed to reach 50F, we'll be back into the 30s for the first week of April.

April, for crying out loud!


2.  I'm itching to get back to this new sewing project! I finished the applique and can't pick it up again until I finish knitting a hat that I started a while back. It took a while and, eventually, some ripping out to find my place! I'm on track now, ready to start the crown decreases. It ought to be done tonight. (Then back to sewing tomorrow!)

3.  Beth in Seattle recently penned the 22,000th comment here! Amazing.

4.  There have been ups & downs this week. I need a vacation. (47 Days) (I'm counting).


5.  Oh. There's the bright spot!

Have a Happy Weekend!




Raising my hand as one of the people "everywhere". Hope you are feeling much better!
Can't wait to see what you're making! I'm starting with the bunny as I want to see if I can handle the sewing. I have a larger project in mind. Thank you, thank you for the gift!
Junah is a bright spot in every day!


hope you feel better soon - wish I could send some warm weather your way, but ours is wet and pollen-filled and probably wouldn't make you feel better. glad Junah is hanging in there with a smile and a sweater...always a bright spot!

Teresa C

I'm stealing 5 for Friday. Thanks.

I hope you are feeling better, I hope the weekend is all 'ups', I love watching the sewing, I'm looking forward to being among the next 22,000 comments and oh! Junah is perfect. My heart wants to explode just looking at him. Makes me wonder how I'll manage my very own grandchild.


I love the way the Pinterest logo appears in the middle of Junah's face when my cursor strays over it. Hope you feel better -- being sick sucks!


Still cold here, too, but maybe a warming trend by the end of next week? So much for March going out like a lamb.


Fighting off a cold here, though it's all around me. Slightly warmer here, meaning we are living in an icy puddle during the day and just ice again at night. The maple sap is running a little. I hope spring comes by June.

I'm wondering how the Chanin technique would work for quilt squares,mmm....


That little Junah is the perfect balm to a ghastly winter! I hope you're feeling better by now . . . and ready to tackle the week ahead! XO

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