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I'm celebrating my 10th Blogiversary on the First Day of Spring, with the St. Patrick's Day observance of 9 years Quit (Smoking) along the way! To mark the occasion, which totally blows my mind, I thought I'd share TEN for TEN.



Our house is almost 130 years old and we've been working on it -- maintenance, repairs, improvements -- since we bought it 27 years ago. A rebuilt retaining wall, reconfiguring a wrap-around enclosed porch into more useable space, a complete exterior paint job, a new roof, a new driveway & garage, bathroom updates, refurbished floors, a new kitchen... that was all in the first 17 years! In the 10 years I've been blogging, we've even seen updates to previous updates!


One of the first I blogged about was a re-do of our stairway and upstairs hall -- a While You Were Out gift from my family for Mother's Day 2004.


I reciprocated on Father's Day with While You Were Out II and a re-do of our bedroom!



The Pergola -- a project for Labor Day Weekend 2006 -- was finished on November 1st of that year!


There have been bathrooms. Upstairs.





A big hole punched into a bedroom ceiling to reveal an attic loft. Heh.


Most recently, the French door project!

I do love my house. Our biggest achievement over the past few years has been downsizing in our own home. "Closing the door" at the top of the stairs and turning the majority of the second floor back into an apartment makes it feel more manageable, at least on the inside!

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There's plenty more to come... Five to go!

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Thank you for sharing with us....I love the French Doors and the bathroom....I have been doing the same to my house for the past 29 yrs (mine is only 56 yrs old) and I think we are at the end of tearing down walls and moving stairs.new windows this fall was the last MAJOR project..now it's just painting for updates and maybe a few more new furniture pieces....


I love your big old house!


I love watching the ideas form and the fruition of the the plan. From where I sit, your house feels like a beautiful refuge, a place created by your family's creativity.


I love the opportunity to peek into someone else's old house! Our situations are similar - 130 year old house, with improvements, much maintenance, and many repairs since we moved in 25 years ago. Our houses have had a lot of history and I'm happy to have contributed to ours. It looks like you've filled your house with lots of love and beauty!


that house has great bones, doesn't it? love how it's changed to work for all your changing needs... it truly is a HOME.


A beautiful home you are blessed with!

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