Five for Friday
The 2-week Tee Transformation


Ms. Madeleine was here for a couple of days and on Saturday we went early birthday shopping!


She'd mentioned her desire for a basic "tool kit" a while back, and was also interested in a new bookcase. So on Saturday we went to the local home improvement store and set her right up!


Ta-da!! Put together and organized later that evening!

It's done... again! It was too big & I had to re-do the crown. So hard to photograph a black hat! #knittingformum

It's such a cool pattern - Cloche Divine by Meghan Jones. Knit in the treasured & discontinued Rowan Calmer.

I finished a hat -- twice! The third Cloche Divine that I've knit, this is the largest size and even so I made it TOO big. It was a quick fix to re-knit the crown on Saturday, ripping back and starting the decreases earlier, and it was finally delivered on Sunday.

My sister Karen was also here, attending the state Master Gardeners' convention. We met for dinner afterwards, along with another of her friends. Gather Americana is a new restaurant featuring local, organic and, oh my goodness, delicious! They'll soon be adding a deli. Though I'm certain I'll return before then, it will also be the location of our company Christmas party this year!

You can't plan these things too soon.

On Sunday night, I did something I've never done before.


Sunday night BINGO in the church basement! And it was all that. I even have my own Bingo dawber. (Only one.) My friend Ann has been talking about doing this for months. We didn't win a dime between us, but we sure had fun. It was only our first night but we were already coveting some of the AWESOME Bingo bags... especially the ones in BINGO FABRIC! You just know how that would speak to us!!

Otherwise, I did some sewing and a few other things here and there...

Good words.




What fun stuff you did this weekend? Bingo, eh? Years ago (before Hannah was born!) a friend and I went every Wednesday night. It was a lot of fun but we hardly ever won!


I love the cloche.
Bingo still reminds me of those halls full of blue smoke. Thank goodness they are smoke-free now. Bingo fabric bags - too retro!


Our condo has a bingo night, but I'm sure we'd be the youngest people there (and we're old!).
I love what the calender says, although weekends just don't allow for all that needs to be done.
Why do so many projects need to be knit more than once?


I still like you, in spite of having that work Christmas party thing taken care of here in Q1 of 2014. ;^)


I think I was about Maddy's age when I used my Christmas money to buy myself a hammer, some screwdrivers, and a big-ass dictionary. (Remember dictionaries?)


sounds lovely. and so different from mine. hope to see you enjoying the outdoors...soon! (does Maddy's toolkit come with lessons on how to use everything? I need that, too!) have a wonderful week!


Bingo! What fun! The cloche is wonderful. (Hope you won't need to wear it much, though. Until next year. . .)


Everyone needs a tool kit.

LOVE the hat!

Bingo's fun...even though I never win.

Did you watch season 2 of House of Cards?!?


Love the toolbag - I received a similar one for Christmas several years ago after my assortment of tools collected over the years was getting too big. I also enjoy the drill that the folks got me with my move to my last apt in Chicago.

Bingo...this year I went to my first Bingo evening. Around here, a common thing is "Designer Handbag Bingo" where you play for assorted purses - normally a fundraiser evening. My "in" is for a charter school where a colleague's husband works. It was $30 for 3 cards/15 rounds - more cards available - quite an event. The next one is scheduled later this month.

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