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April 22nd

Concert Tee Turned Corset

While in Point for the Taste of Wisco event last month, I scored a few t-shirts at the thrift store, among them a concert tee from the Hootie & The Blowfish Small Talk Johnson Tour 1996. It seemed like a great candidate for an Alabama Chanin Corset.


 So I cut it up and then sewed it back together!


The seams are on the inside, all felled; the bound armholes and neck are worked in a large cross stitch; and I left the bottom unhemmed (and untrimmed, so it's a little uneven) (and I like that).


It was a bit snug on me, but Maddy gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up the last time she was home. So I gave it a wash and then gave it to my girl!


I think she loves it!


I also think it might be a little bit big on her, and the neckline could be tightened up in the front, but otherwise... it's a huge WIN!! I loved working this top and I just can't wait to start another project. But before I start anything else, I want to fashion a nice, soft, Alabama Chanin style hat suitable (and comfortable) for someone undergoing chemo.

Also, notice Maddy's newest tattoo? The pansies are a nod to me!  :)




AWESOME shirt! I love it! (In my own AC news. . . I am an appliquéing fool! It is so addicting! Sleep? Who needs it . . .) And those pansies are beautiful!


Excellent! Great up-cycle, especially when you see Maddy's smile. I LOVE the pansies, and even more so, because they remind me of you.


very fun and I love how the pretty armhole stitching really shows off those pansies. it's cool when your girls want your handmades, isn't it?!


I really love that top and I think that it looks fabulous on your daughter. You are amazingly creative.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

You have no idea how much this inspires me. I know I say that about almost everything you post. But I mean it. I think my summer gift to myself will be a Chanin T project.
also- nice tatt!

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