April 22nd
April 25th

I am...

I am... so happy that I had a day off yesterday that was about as day off-ish as it gets these days. I took care of some things that I had to do early, enjoyed a few hours with Junah* in the morning, had the afternoon to myself, made dinner, and enjoyed a relaxing evening.

*Junah! That boy!! He played his first intercontinental game of peek-a-boo with Aunt Kate during our baby-Skype chat yesterday morning and it was so fun to see his reaction! He is starting to anticipate things... like Katie popping back on screen!

I am... doing some sewing (what else is new?), mainly the summer chemo hat ideas. I'm working with fabric from the awesome Alabama Chanin Scrap Bag that I added to my last order, as well as from my own {growing} stash of jersey. It's a tricky business, these chemo hats!  It's all about softness and making sure that nothing might irritate a bald head, so lightweight & minimal stitching/embellishing. Thank goodness for printed jersey!

Coming along! #handsewing

Most of my fabrics are medium-weight range, as are these. The print is from a favorite summer dress of mine that's been too small for ages, but I couldn't quite let go. And now I know why!

I really want to try to do a piece with applique or some sort of embellishment -- something truly "Alabama Chanin" to me, and that I know my mom would like -- and have a small selection of lightweight (more summery) fabrics to play around with.

I'd certainly rather be working on another top or my dress, but this is interesting enough... challenging. I recall some immersion hat knitting for Sharon, tweaking and trying to come up with something she really liked... you know, as much as anyone could "like" a chemo hat.

I am... counting the days.

Dream drive - North West Scotland from Mo Thomson on Vimeo.

Ahhh. We'll soon be winging our way over yonder... I hope I don't drive y'all nuts in the meantime.




A day off is such a treat! That Junah is so adorable -- and growing more so by the moment. Skype hide-and-seek! Such a wonder.

Love the fabric! What a great way to re-purpose a dress that's seen the end of its wearable days.


You could never drive us nuts by talking about your upcoming trip, Junah, sewing, or anything else!! The fabric of your dress is perfect!! No wonder you're a big AC fan and have enjoyed making your own, because you've already been a jersey fan!

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