April 16th
Concert Tee Turned Corset

In other news...


A lot's been going on behind the curtain! I recently helped my sister buy a new dress and get gussied up for a week of job interviews, even schlepping her around on one of the last days -- and thank goodness because she was pooped! She was offered positions from nearly every district she visited, and settled on a superintendent position not far away.

I'll be picking her up at the airport again on Sunday, as she needs to attend a few meetings later in the week. I also get to help shop for a new house!! I'm so excited about that. It's been AGES (27+ years) since I seriously looked at a house to buy, and even though it's not MY house... heck, BECAUSE it's not my house... it's going to be so fun!

They'll all be here for good in June. The boys can't wait to meet Junah -- photos and videos only go so far -- and, of course, I can't wait to have them back close. They'll remember their time in Brazil forever, and I'm sure it will have some sort of influence on their lives... been there, done that... opportunities and possibilities.


Opportunities and possibilities... I'll remember my time in Brazil forever, too!! Been there, done that! So lucky.

* * * * *

We'll be in Scotland in a month! I am beginning to think about packing -- camera, clothing, footwear, yadda yadda -- PROJECT(S)? That's the real question. I brought knitting last time and didn't knit a stitch! We did the dying workshop at Old Maiden Aunt, though, so there was definitely time devoted to fiber. This time, we'll be riding the train more and we'll be spending time in a much more remote (and relaxing?) area, so... well, everyone knows that one MUST BE PREPARED! I'm not in a panic yet, but I am beginning to think about it -- craft, difficulty, prep, logistics.




How much fun it will be to house hunt. Also so wonderful to have your sister and family back. Might I suggest socks or a version of EZ's pi shawl for travel knitting. Either project may be as simple or as complicated as you desire. Have fun.


You'll love having the boys close enough to cuddle and photograph!
Have you seen At dawn by Joji? You might be too busy looking out the window at Scotland's amazing landscape to knit...but you never know.


You've got a great month ahead! can't believe the Brazil adventure is nearly over...that time flew. Just like this next month will. Enjoy all of it!


I'm so happy for you that they are moving back! Excellent news!


What exciting news! (And so glad you got to visit Brazil when you had the opportunity.) Whenever I travel, I never knit a stitch. Sometimes on the plane . . . but, not once I land. Basically, I've dragged my knitting through London, Paris, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, and Amsterdam. Not. One. Stitch.


Brazil >> Wisconsin! Wisconsin >> Scotland! Such a lot of travel in your family. Travel is good.


How nice to have family (much) closer soon! There's something about seeing the potential in homes when shopping that I love.

And there will be project time on your flights, at least, so bring a project to ward off the potential of the project-less travel delays!! :D Scotland, how wonderful!

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