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Life in macro

macro n.  anything very large in scale, scope, or capability

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That's sort of how it is these days... though there are many very large things! Ha. I'm not complaining, I am a responsible -- capable -- human being, I know my limits; it's just the way it is right now, the usual ebb and flow, not necessarily good or bad, I'm doing my best to fit it all in.

#Spring is springing in #Wisconsin and it's about freakin' time. We may even see 60F tomorrow. #macromay #snowdrops

Scilla - Macro May photo #2

I took the photo above as I left Mom's last Friday evening, using the macro setting on one of my phone's camera apps (I have a Samsung Galaxy S4).

My new Photojojo lenses were already here on Saturday! SUPER fast -- I ordered on May 1st, they shipped the same day, and were in my mailbox on May 3rd. All of the photos that follow were taken with a Photojojo lens.

Cactus flower... New toys! My Photojojo lenses arrived today! I will need to practice stillness. :) #macromay #photojojomacro

Cactus flower - Macro May photo #3

I went into the Garden Room intending to take a photo of my late- (or early-?) blooming amaryllis, but had nothing to brace against so all those photos were way too blurry. I found something to lean against and aimed at this little cactus flower instead.

Bloodroot. #Spring #Wisconsin #wildflowers #macromay #photojojomacro

Bloodroot - Macro May photo #4

On Sunday I took a walk to the back yard to check out all the bloodroot that's blooming.

Playing around! More bloodroot (I have a lot). #photojojosuperfisheye #wisconsin #wildflowers #mybackyard #spring

Playing around! More bloodroot (I have a lot). (Photojojo super fisheye lens)

The super fisheye is the only lens that doesn't fit on my phone when it's in the case. Luckily, my case isn't too difficult to remove!

She knits! That's some #NoroKureyon on 8 US DPNs... something new! Also #macromay #photojojomacro #knitting

Noro Kureyon - Macro May photo #5

Seashell... not at seashore. #macromay #photojojomacro

Seashell... not at seashore - Macro May photo #6

Thread (Button Craft, of course!). #macromay #photojojomacro

Thread (Button Craft, of course) - Macro May photo #7

Gotta say, I love them! I'm thrilled with these lenses and the quality of the photos. They could very well end up being one of my best purchases of the year! A little tripod would be next on my wish list, because being STILL is the name of the game for macro shots! A remote shutter release would be a bonus. Oh, GADGETS! I do love them... sometimes.

Calm before storm. #photojojopolarizer

Calm before storm (Photojojo polarizer lens)

Having barely reached 60F so far this year, the temp is predicted to rocket up close to 80 today, followed by storms later!




Most beautiful, as usual :)


You've ramped up my desire for a smart phone. LOVE the quality of your pictures. You know how to create a great photo.


I love the pictures!


Those are gorgeous macro shots!


SO cool that you did that with your phone and lenses! I do love my big girl, but I can see when it would be nice to have these lenses for the phone.


I grew up in a house in the woods with lots of bloodroot and LOVE your bloodroot photos! Your photos are all interesting in different ways; I don't think I would have known that was Noro without your caption. Looking forward to more of your great shots!


It's so fun to play with the macro lens (or "feature")! I love the close-close up shots! Gorgeous, all.


(And now I'm going to order some Photojojos for myself. You knew I would.)



Before reading your post the other day, I didn't even know that You can get lenses for cell phone cameras. Yesterday, after looking at your wonderful macro (I love macro pictures) and fish eye pictures, I decided to check out Photojojo's website. Let me just say that it's a baaaad place (in the same way that WEBS and Ravelry and yarn shops and fiber festivals are bad places).

Barbara S

Just ordered some Photojojo's based on your recommendation! Looking forward to trying them out.

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