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New things!

On Monday afternoon, I waited knitted at a coffee shop and started something new.

She knits! That's some #NoroKureyon on 8 US DPNs... something new! Also #macromay #photojojomacro #knitting

It's Noro Kureyon cast on to a bamboo DPN, and the beginning of this:

Pop! #knitting #NoroKureyon


Meh... brown circle, black square. Trust me, it's going to get way more exciting than this because, you know, NORO! Also, I'm thinking of mashing this up with somethin' and putting a little spin on the pop. I'm not sure yet, but there's an idea rolling around. Each square is a little easier and quicker than the last; so far, three squares are done. This was started with an eye toward airplane/vacation knitting.

Then on Monday night I did this:

I had the old Husqvarna humming tonight. Opportunity knocked and I started another something new (oh, let me count how many ways of new)

A quilting class. Opportunity knocked and I started a quilt! I love quilts, always have, but was sure they'd be too tedious or time consuming. It was a quilt design that hooked me on cross-stitch, and I worked several (until sampler designs nosed in); when I was looking for a design for a mosaic table, I naturally turned to a quilting book; Parcheesi isn't a quilt design (that I know of), but it sure would make a great one! Except for a hand-pieced and appliqued pillow made at a Sister Weekend several years ago for Mom and a fairly half-assed machine-sewn high chair seat cover, I have worked quilt designs in most anything except fabric!

I haven't worked on it (or much else) since Monday night, but I plan to have the Husqvarna set up and humming again soon. You know, in my spare time.

I'm taking my TREK to the bike shop for a tune-up so it'll be ready when we're back -- the weather is FINALLY getting better! I've decided to cancel my fitness center membership; it's just not working and I can use that money elsewhere! I'll soon be hiking the Highlands, have some cycling events lined up in June, and in the meantime... I've been PLANKING! Why have I not started this sooner? Quick & easy, I can do it almost anywhere, and I can feel it.

Have a great weekend!




Planking is good for you - hooray! I tend to go to the gym less when the weather improves but I still go often enough to keep my membership going.

Cheryl S.

I like the blanket pattern. I've considered doing a crocheted blanket in a similar design (circles of color on a white background).


Look at you, taking sewing to a whole new level! The quilting bug seems to be everywhere! (Not here):)
A blanket would be a great way to chronicle your travels and I'm looking forward to seeing what you're up to.


Great minds think alike. Quilting!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I did the 30 day plank challenge in January--it was amazing how quickly it took effect-although near the end (the 5 minute plank) it got very tough for me. I'd like to tell you I continued a 2 minute plank a day (front and then on each side--so 6 minutes) but I've fallen off the wagon :-) Maybe I'll start again.


POP is bookmarked for when I get the other 999 things done -or sooner. It's a very happy pattern. My bike is at the spa/bike shop getting new tires so I'll be hitting the streets with you soon.
Happy Mother's Day.

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