Ten on Tuesday: Memorial Day Weekend

Ten on Tuesday: Let's learn something

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things/Subjects I Wish I Knew More About

I don't know... this may be another less-than-10! Most of the time, if there's something I truly want to know more about, I dive in and learn. It's not usually exhaustive research and I don't become an expert, but I've always learned more and possibly enough.

There are other things that I sometimes idly wish I knew more about -- art, history, mythology, literature, politics. I've found that my desire for this type of knowledge is often greatest after a conversation with someone to whom the word "pretentious" might apply. And, really, I know enough to happily function on a day-to-day basis. I have an open mind... things fall in.

I like to learn, but I am not an academic. I do things. I learn and make and do. Make.Do.

Most recently, over the past couple of years, I've actively pursued (in varying degrees) learning about and doing these things:

1.  Being a childbirth assistant/doula.

2.  Hand sewing.

3.  What is/how to make a moulage & sloper for pattern-making.

4.  Food and nutrition.

5.  Quilting!

I've continued to learn a little more about:

6.  Photography.

7.  Dyeing yarn.

I haven't really finished learning about any of those things but, you know, the need for certain areas of knowledge waxes and wanes like most everything else in life.

I would like to learn:

8.  Web design, HTML, and CSS. I have a leg up on the HTML because of my experience years ago as a typesetter. I can make a pretty good site (just updated Oceans and Dreams last night), but I'm certain I could make both O&D and this blog better.

9.  How to predict and/or control the future and/or weather.

10.  That way, I'd be better informed in order to pack for my vacation!!


Haha. And with that, I believe I've just entered the giddy stage of vacation prep!!




#9 is something I wish for almost every day! Your mind is always on the go and your creative spirit is strong!
Happy travels, friend! You're not going to the moon, so if you forget something you could end up with a wonderful Scottish souvenir!


When you learn #9 make sure you tell all of us, too!


Have a wonderful trip and I'm with you on so many of these things!!!


Becoming a childbirth doula has always been on my bucket list. I forgot about that one!

Amy Artisan

What a great list! I think the key is definitely "never stop learning." This morning I had a longer commute to a different office - was fascinated bt the NPR story on the "turn spit" dogs of centuries gone by in the UK (& even here in the colonies) - who knew?


Your list is wonderful, of course. But what's going to really stick with me is this: "My mind is open -- things fall in." YES!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

" I have an open mind...things fall in". What a great line.
Have a fabulous trip! I look forward to traveling along via your posts.

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