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June 15th

So, today is my daughter's 1st wedding anniversary, the day my twin sisters were born, and Fathers Day.




A year ago today was one of the best days ever.



54 Years ago today, my mother was in the hospital for a very different -- and much happier -- reason! And, also, SURPRISE! The legend goes (and, yes, it is a legend): Having been told at her OB/GYN visit the day before that she had another month to go, and to expect a big baby boy, she was in the hospital a day later and delivered TWIN GIRLS! The hospital staff awaited placenta after Sharon (aka, Baby A) was born, and lo & behold, a half-hour later it was Karen (aka, Baby B) instead.

It boggles the mind -- almost as much as a woman who could look THAT GOOD holding newborn twins. That is my mom.


My mother is still in ICU, tweaking here & adjusting there; it takes time. And patience. And, oh, I just can't thank you all enough for your good wishes.


Happy Fathers Day to my pretty terrific husband, and dad to our three daughters. (Note to self: updated photo of hubby & daughters.)


(we did this)





What a wonderful day full of terrific memories! Sending healing wishes your mom's way, and plenty of XOXO to you. (It's my daughter's birthday today - June 15 - too!)


Clearly, lots of great things happened on June 15th for lots of families; it's my birthday, too! That picture of your mother is beyond amazing. Anyone that can look that good and composed after having twins is a woman to be reckoned with. Sending continuing good wishes and hoping she's out of ICU soon!


It never gets old - all the photos on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and here - June 15th is an amazing day for your family and I hope you are all continuing to celebrate. Sending good karma to your mother, that she will be ready to return home soon.


What great things you had to celebrate yesterday! And that photo of your mom with your twin sisters is amazing. I hope she's feeling stronger every day.


I NEVER looked that good after giving birth, and I had mine one at a time. Happy days to all the Vicki's Clan!

Stephanie VW

Your mom blows me away. Twins and she looks like, "No big deal, just looking fabulous with my girls." Still sending love her way.

As they say, "It was a large day, indeed."

(Maybe that's an East Coast colloquialism, but it suits a day with so many things to celebrate.)


It's a trifecta of wonderful days. Love all the pictures, the wedding, your mom and her girls (love the story), Rusty and Katie, and your three girls! You have a fabulous family, Vicki!


June 15th has portent in your family! (It's May 19th for us.)

My Chicago OB had a similar story to your sisters' ... her mom was told to expect a very large baby, probably a boy, and delivered identical twin girls instead. "Supposedly, she ripped the crucifix right off the nun's neck," she said.


I love the pictures. It's hard to believe it's been a year since your daughter got married.

Your mom looks so very calm in that picture. I would have been much more frazzled with (surprise) twins!

Hugs to you & good wishes & prayers for your mom.


I am behind in my reading. I am sorry to learn that your Mom is in ICU. What a beauty she is in this photo. What a story, too! The wedding a year ago was magical! The photos are a good reminder of that. Happy Father's Day to Rusty. What a lovely family you both have.
I am praying for your Mom and hope that she is over her pneumonia soon. Chemo is a nasty thing. I seems to cause so many other problems while it fights off the cancer. I am praying that all goes well. A woman who can look so good having surprise twins can beat this!


Glad you found several moments of happiness in your day. I continue to hold your whole family in thought.


What a crazy surprise twins must have been! These are fab family photos, thanks for sharing them.
Sending along a prayer for your mom.

Beth in Seattle

I hope your mom continues to improve. What a beauty holding those babies. Best wishes for the whole family. Hang in there.

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