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June 15th

Send in the juju


My mom's been in the hospital since a week ago yesterday, in ICU since Saturday afternoon. She's been undergoing treatment for cancer for the past 18 months, and complications from side effects of a new (to her) chemo treatment that was recently begun led to her being admitted with pneumonia.


There it is in a nutshell, and it seems that's all I can manage. Please send good juju, mojo, karma, vibes, wishes, love, luck, and prayers. Improvements are slow, and maybe a cosmic boost will help to boot her out of ICU in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the little dude in the photo above is Mack and he turned 9 yesterday! Can you believe it? Junah is 5 months old today, and I told him that it won't be long before he's 9... only a few thousand days! I intend to savor every single one, but they sure seem to fly by fast.

Thanks in advance for all the love.




Big hugs and loads of love to you and your family, Vicki. Sending all the good juju, good vibes, prayers of love and peace to you and your dear mother. xox


Sending it all, dear Vicki. Be strong.


Sending speedy recovery thoughts. Take care.


Sending oodles of positive thoughts, prayers, and wishes to you and your mom. Here's hoping some intensive knitterly love will provide the oomph to get her out of intensive care.


You have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. It's a hard road that you're on and I sure hope some easy times are ahead of you.


All good thoughts. Pneumonia sucks! I hope all goes well and she improves rapidly. Once she is improving make sure she gets some PT to recover the strength she'll have lost in ICU. It'll help with recovery if they don't push to hard. (At least it helped me the last time I got hospitalized with pneumonia.) Hang in.


Sending healing thoughts, mojo, juju and prayers to your mom.


Sending it all! Sure hope your mom is feeling well soon!

Michelle B.

Good thoughts on the way to your mom! Hoping for a speedy recovery.


Sending much love and good thoughts for your mum. Wishing her all the best.


sending up lots of prayers for your mom.


prayers, good thoughts, pixie dust, hugs, and anything else that will help your mom feel better soon.


Sending all to your mom!


much love and many healing thoughts for your Mom and all of her loving family...keep on knitting for Mom, she'll need lots of lovely scarves and mitts and socks and sweaters to keep her warm this coming fall and winter


Well, damn. Thoughts and prayers on their way.


Sending healing good thoughts to your mom!


Much love and many hugs to you and lots of prayers and healthy vibes to your Mom!



Sending much love and hope for a speedy recovery. xx


Oh, Vicki. So sorry, and sending all good, strong recovery thoughts and vibes, hugs and kisses.


love and hugs and all the good thoughts.


All the juju, plus prayers and positive thoughts for your mom. I hope that she is recovering in her own home very soon.


Love and Light, Vicki.

Cheryl S.

Sending all the good juju.


Jujumatic cranked up and set on high! Hugs to you and your family

Kathode Ray Tube

Hope things get better soon!




Sending healing thoughts and prayers for your mom. Hope she's better soon.


You got it. Good everything coming your way.

Stephanie VW

So much love and healing thoughts for your mom and for all of you who love her.


Sending all of the jujus and speedy recovery thoughts to you mom! And many hugs for you and your family who are worrying in the wings. <3


Sending a heart full of positive thoughts. I know so many people going through cancer treatment right now. It is so overwhelming. I hope your mom keeps fighting. My husband is five years out from what was supposed to be terminal. I never stopped hoping for the best.


Keeping your mom in my thoughts. You, too.


Sending good wishes and hearty New England love and thoughts your Mom's way!

Kelli Ann

Knitting thoughts for you & your family into my current socks--- xoxo

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