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 Um, yeah, there will soon be teeth! This is from a quick 6-month photo shoot with the J-man yesterday afternoon. Six months!!

I'm working on a post about my TTL Mystery Shawl. It's finished and it's beautiful! There's a lot more than knitting wrapped up in that project, though. I'm still processing, I guess.

A week from today I'll be in L.A. for the first time... if you don't count a drive-by on the way to Disneyland, ca. 1995. My sister invited me to accompany her to a Brazilian-themed wedding and I jumped. We tacked on an extra day or so for fun. One of the things we'll be doing for sure is attending a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson! I'm so excited. Also open for suggestions: You have a free day in L.A., what do you do?? What's not to miss?

I decided that I didn't have anything to wear to a beach wedding, nor to the next day's BBQ, so after work on Tuesday I took everything I learned from the master of retail therapy (Mom) and applied it to myself! I had indulged a little, had fun, and I have something to wear! Thank you to the Mses Jill and Fisher.  ;)





The Getty Museum. And Malibu Beach.


The Griffith Park Observatory offers stunning views of the city and it's a great place for a hike. But I agree with Celia that the beach is a must.


The Getty's views are worth the visit. I love driving the canyons and along Mullholland. The Japanese American Museum is cool and they have a tattoo exhibit going on. Being outdoors is where it's at, however.


The Getty is great but is definitely not a one day experience. You would also need reservations. The Huntington Library and Gardens might be for you. You can stroll the lovely gardens (Rose, Chinese, Japanese, Cactus, Shakespeare herb, etc. so you'd be outside and walking. I've been there many times but never been inside the museum which has the Gutenberg Bible and the original Blue Boy painting. It's in the Pasadena area which isn't far from downtown LA. You can also dine there in a variety of settings (tea house, outdoor Chinese restaurant on a lake) and a few other ones I don't quite remember) Have a great trip. Be sure to bring a light sweater or thin polar fleece. LA isn't the tropics and it can be cool even in the summer especially in the evening.


That picture just made me smile.


The LaBrea Tar Pits. Really. The discord between the ancient tar and the skyscrapers all around really threw me. And it has the best historical exhibits about why LA is where it is.

I also agree with everything above, but caution you that everything is farther apart than you think and farther than it looks on a map. Plotting out several things to do in a day looks reasonable, but it isn't. Pick one. Maybe two. It took me four years of visiting my son at college to learn that lesson.

Stephanie VW

My friend who is a costumer for a TV show was just in LA, and among her favourite things to do there (other than shop for fabric), she always takes time to eat a frozen chocolate-dipped banana at Carney's


If you're going to see Craig Ferguson, nothing else in Los Angeles matters.

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