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Ten on Tuesday: Let's Do It Again

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Things About My Bookcase

1.  I moved from NW Wisconsin back to NE Wisconsin in 1978 to start a new job, and I lived at home for a short time while I saved money for a car and whatnot. I didn't have any furniture of my own, to speak of, but I did have books and I decided that I needed to buy some shelves.

2.  I didn't have a lot of money, and I didn't need a very big shelf unit, but I wanted something nice so I thought a resale shop would be my best bet. You know, maybe I could find something suitable for around $20.

3.  I went to literally every resale shop in the area and came up with absolutely nothing.  The last place on my list was more antique shop than resale, but I was desperate.

4.  I recall that the shop owner showed me a few pieces, but there was only one that caught my eye.


5.  It was tall -- much larger than I actually needed -- and fancy. It was good wood (mahogany) and had lift-up glass doors on most of the shelves, and nice hardware.

6.  And it was sectional! The sections stacked one upon the other and, except for the base and top, they could all be rearranged! One section was about twice as big as the others and had sliding doors. The base section had a drawer.

7.  It cost $450! According to one online inflation calculator, that equates to over $1600 today!

8.  The shop owner was an older man and, I don't know, I guess he could tell how much I loved that bookcase, even though it was way -- way, way, way -- out of my price range. Maybe I was young and innocent and fell hook, line & sinker, but I believed him when he told me that he thought it was important for young people to have quality furniture, too. He reduced the price and offered to let me make monthly payments. He even let me take it home right that very day.

9.  I have hauled that thing up stairs and down, across the country and back again, from one room to another. One of the things I like best is that I can easily move it myself! Once, lazily, I tried to move it without emptying it and taking it apart, and can still hear that distinctive "crack" of breaking wood -- stopped me in my tracks. A few small inappropriate nails toward the bottom on one side attests to both my carelessness and my lack of repair skills at the time.

10.  But, oh, how I love and cherish that thing to this day! It was made by the Globe-Wernicke Company (most sections still have a label affixed) and I'll never ever part with it.




Love your story. What a perfect bookcase!


You made a fabulous investment in your future by buying the shelves. It reveals so much about you and what is important to you.
My father has a bookshelf that is like the bottom section of your unit. It's three separate pieces with glass doors that lift. I've loved it all my life.


Wonderful story about your bookcase. Clearly you made an excellent investment all those years ago.


No wonder your bookcase is your favorite; that is a wonderful piece of furniture! We were lucky that the previous owners of our house left one just like it for us, but we only have the base, two open units, and a top. It's also Globe-Wernicke and I really enjoyed learning about our 'elastic bookcases'!


Maybe that older fella wanted to move some furniture that day. But maybe he looked at you and saw himself, or his daughter starting out and longing for a place to keep books and things that were dear and wanted to give the bookcase a good home. I do think things with a 'history' are the most interesting.


I have two sets of these from my grandfather. But no sliding doors or drawers. That is so cool. Thanks for sharing!


Great bookcase and excellent purchase, Vicki.


I have notice and admired this bookshelf of yours in various posts over the years. I like it even more now.

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