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Thirty-one more of #100happydays

That's 61 so far!


1. 2-for-1 Margaritas on Tuesday!, 2. Almost back on track. #ttlmysteryshawl14, 3. Such a flippin' pretty morning..., 4. #100happydays, 5. Happy Days, 6. Llama card, par avion, Royal Mail, 7. Happy Days, 8. Great day to be a sky watcher..., 9. Happy Days, 10. Lovin' these drama queen petunias in the barrels at work, 11. Gramma's babysitting, 12. Market Watch, 13. My first pedi of the season, 14. I was a little early for the #polarvortexinjuly, 15. Happy Days, 16. Happy Days, 17. Happy Days, 18. Beautiful sunset at the end of a really fun day of getting our tourist on, 19. Lovely day for a beach wedding, 20. At the day-after-the-wedding Beach BBQ, 21. Caramelized figs on honey mascarpone, 22. Earlybirds at LAX, 23. I brought a little of LA home with me, 24. Ice Cream date, 25. Grass is growing nicely, 26. Happy Days, 27. Farm dinner, 28. Hex, 29. I also love the weather, 30. Cherishing this sweet babe at this sweet moment31. Knit night!




Your summer has been full of big ups and downs, but you have made the most of it and built happiness upon happiness!


Awesome happiness photos!


What Margene said. The happiness focus here is just so uplifting. Thank you!


Beautiful, Vicki. Just a beautiful "take" on life and making the most of every day. Happiness . . . is all around us. XO


Great pictures. I took part in the project earlier this year and really enjoyed it.

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