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I took 6-month photos of Junebug last month in which there was a lot of drool. He's been drooling for a while now... lots and lots of drool, and tooth talk for months... and FINALLY, over the weekend, he's cut his first two teeth!


We're all very happy about it! Hehehe. (It's everyone's favorite photo!) He's crying because he's had ENOUGH of Grandma and her camera. Except for the drool and the need to chew on everything, you'd never have known that he was teething.


I went to my first-ever baseball game at Miller Park on Friday to celebrate Addy's 7th birthday -- it was his first big game, too!


The Brewers played the Dodgers and won -- it was a great game and a good time was had by all!!

That's all I've time for now... back soon, I hope. (Not wishing my life away, but c'mon September... I'll be happy to see you.)



Kim Dean

Baby teething drool is the best kind of drool.


Everyone is growing up so quickly! Look how big all three boys are. No wonder Junah's been drooling, two teeth at once! He had a right to be a little cranky.

I love the picture of you, but you should have gone for the black eye smudges.


Great photos and fun times!


That first photo? Classic!


We went to Miller Park to celebrate a birthday - Hubby's 50th. It's a nice place, and will probably never call a game on account of fog. The reason I hadn't seen the Brew Crew at home before.


Love following you and the family. I saw a woman who could have been your identical twin at the GRAND GENEVA RESORT in Lake Geneva a few weeks ago. Had you been there? I would have said hello.


The drool? Love. So. Much. What a sweetheart! He must be even more adorable (if that is possible. . .) with his teeth! Baseball games are such fun! (And 7? How can that be?????)


Junah is so sweet he even makes drool cute!


oh Vicki, that baby is adorable... I love the drool and the black and white treatments! (our Baby T is due a month from yesterday and I'm beyond excited!!)

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