#100happydays - Days 93-100
To ride... better late than never


...as in Right Now.

Watching ... the approaching autumn, and feeling it, too. Brrrr.

Reading ... Outlander, and I'll be reading it for a long, long time at the pace I'm going. I've been enjoying it; sad that there isn't a way to watch the series without a cable subscription.

#knittingforzim Haven't done that in a while, but baby needs Gran to knit him a hat!

Knitting ... I've been doing a lot more sewing than knitting, but baby needs a hat so I just cast on last night to make Alfalfa! Even with an adjustment or two, it'll likely be too small for Junah; if that's the case we'll save it for the next one, but I'll know what needs to be done to make one that does fit.

Or I'll find another pattern.

>>What's your favorite hat pattern (with ties or a strap) for a baby closing in on toddlerhood?

Highly manipulated photo of the state of the front of my #alabamachanin corset - darn red at near dusk is impossible to photograph! One seam has been sewn, there's still some cutting to do, loving the work (and my thread, always loving my thread) so far!

Sewing ... making progress on an Alabama Chanin corset kit.

Dreading ... the approaching autumn, or, rather, what's to follow.

Listening ... to everything! Truly. From opera to country, rap to rock, soundtracks to oldies, alternative, folk, indie, classical, Americana, jazz...

Thinking ... about a fun Door County weekend coming up with Kate and my sister Ann! We head up tonight, do a 25-mile bike ride tomorrow, enjoy a truly gourmet meal afterwards along with some great music and beer. We'll certainly also find some fall color, cherries and apples!

More Thinking ... about attending the Reedsburg Fermentation Fest in a couple of weeks with my sister Karen.

Celebrating ... every little thing.

Planning ... a long-overdue big family weekend up north next month.

Laundry day! Reminiscing. It's like laundry day at the convent... in #riodejaneiro #laundryontheline #100happydays

Itching ... to straighten and fluff my nest, readying for hibernation I guess.

Drinking ... a wide variety of beer.

Needing ... to continue getting my house/life back in order and on a new track.

Organizing ... my thoughts.

Inspired ... by the sudden resurgence and renewed commitment of some old-time favorite bloggers.

Having happily and regularly blogged through the Big Blog Slump, lo these many years, lately, as so many others are apparently refreshed and renewed (for the moment, anyway), I've been feeling it slip.

I'm inspired to try a little harder.


Ali posted this photo yesterday, "We're sad that this little handknit is not going to fit for much longer." It's the One-Stitch Baby Sweater by Lion Brand.

Delighted ... by my little Junebug. He's 8 months old today!!!

What's currently going on with you right now?

Here's to a great weekend!!




He's popping right out of that sweet yellow sweater. Is there any hope for a warm up before winter settles in? fingers crossed


I'm glad about this blogger resurgence, too! Makes me feel like the rest of us are validated for hanging in there all this time!


I also wish I could watch Outlander but hope it shows up on Netflix some day. I'm glad you're still blogging so we can see that adorable 8-month old, who looks quite concerned that his lovely handknit sweater is too small!


I'm delighted that we're both back here...trying a little harder ;-)

The hats I've made are smaller, but this one's in my favorites to try for next winter http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/i-heart-cables (pompom ftw)

Enjoy your weekend!


In Canada we can watch Outlander(which is fantastic but slowwww storytelling so far). I have read all the books and I think I have to refresh my memory and read the first one again.
This cold won't last, will it? It's a little early. It got me into knitting mode though!
Look at Junah's chubby wrists!


This post is inspiring - so many of the thoughts resonate with me. I hope the ride is wonderful and provides great fodder for blogging.

Junah is so lovely!


Alfalfa is a cute hat - hope it fits. I've enjoyed making Simply Fair Isle by Kate Oates (available on Ravelry) for several different babies in multiple color combinations - boy and girl. It's written for several sizes and is especially good for cold winter climates.

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