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Ten on Tuesday: Baby, you can drive my car (again)

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Cars I've Had

1. 1972 Toyota Corona -- baby blue. It was my dad's car, actually, but was the first car that I regularly drove. It didn't have a radio, so there was one jerry-rigged that worked like crap. In 1976, the radio was one of the most important things!! I ran that car into a tree (by accident, and not because of the radio) and totaled it... so then it was really mine.

2. 1969 Buick Skylark -- baby poo. Ugly color, but I sure wish I still had this car! It's the first vehicle that I actually owned, I bought it from my mom. (I really wanted her 1962 Rambler with the pushbutton transmission, nicknamed the BBB -- short for Bouncing Brown Bastard -- but it didn't last long enough.)

3. 1979 Toyota Corolla -- brown w/orange & yellow stripes. My 1st brand new car! "Put in a radio with cassette player, and I'll take it!" I sold it to my sister Karen a few years later, and she drove it for many years.

4. 1982 Pontiac Firebird -- RED! This was my 2nd brand new car. It was the worst time in history to finance anything, but I'd just broken up with a boyfriend and, well, we all do dumb things. It was fun to drive, but had some problems... and could have been funner.

5. 1970- or '80-something Chevy Monza -- black. When the Firebird's warranty expired and continued to have problems, I traded it in.

6. 19-- ? Subaru wagon -- yellow-y tan. It was impossible to get a carseat in and out of the Monza, so this was our first "family car." It was the least reliable car we ever owned. It had some sort of problem starting in wet/damp weather... and we were living at Cape Meares, OR, at the time... like 2 blocks from the beach!

7. 1984 ? Buick Century wagon -- brown. Bigger family, more carseats, bigger wagon. Sharon's friend Bill, a passenger in the back seat once when I was visiting in Milwaukee, "You drive this thing like it's a sportscar!"

8. 1980-something Ford Escort wagon -- gray. I bought the Escort from my stepdad's brother and it served me well. I didn't take very good car of it, though, and it burned up in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn while I enjoyed Mother's Day brunch.

9. 2000 Saturn SW -- also RED! My 3rd brand new car, this one has taken a licking but it keeps on ticking! Nice and zippy, the engine was rebuilt once, it has inumerable body dings and dents (there may or may not be duct tape employed) (in several places), and it was "totaled" by insurance several years ago so has a salvage title. It's been Maddy's car for the past few years. 

10. 2007 Nissan Altima -- gray. Except for the Buicks, this is probably the biggest car I've ever driven. It's been good, and it's okay, but I'm not in love with it. I really miss the functionality of a wagon... and also manual transmission. But ZOOM! It is definitely a zippy one!

Oh, I think between 7 and 8 there was a yellow-ish Dodge Omni -- ugly & smelly, it didn't last long. I'm not sure how/why that ever happened.


On the road to Ullapool, Cromartyshire, Scotland -- May 2014

At first, I didn't think I'd come up with 10 cars, but that number is just about spot-on! Not even counting "Rusty's" cars -- the Toyota pickup, GMC van, Hyundai sedan -- that are or were technically mine and that I have occasionally driven.

None of these is my "dream car" -- I'm not even sure what that would be! In my dreams, there are many dream cars!

Ha, but that was a fun little trip down memory lane. Zoom zoom.




I love how we all seem to have gone through car stages - fun, family, functional, etc. If only there was an affordable vehicle that combined them all!


Maybe our "dream" cars have yet to be built...after we win the lotto. Thank goodness you got by without a minivan. :)

Stephanie VW

HEY! I drove a '69 Buick GS in high school. She was white with a black top. She was fast and ate gas like it was going out of style. I once had to leave my bestie at a gas station as collateral when I put in more gas than I had $ in my wallet.

Buick buddies!


You've had some interesting cars. One thing I'm noticing today is that while one person hates (insert particular make) another person loves them.


My family had a 1970-something Corolla too. It's what I learned to drive! It was even tricked out with a really groovy 8 track player too :-)


your cars have really interesting lives...and I love that they often continue with someone else"


The names you gave your cars make me laugh! Mine is just The Bug.


What a fun drive down car memory lane! I got started on a post for this & then got pulled away from it too many times. I've only had 3 cars of my own but had planned to share memorable car rentals - oh well. :)


wow, I have not owned 10 cars and only 2 brand new ones...my latest is a 2013 Honda Fit that I bought brand new in July....its peppy, has a hatch and I LOVE it!


It's fun to think back on the-cars-of-our-lives! :-) I like to forget about my mini-van years, personally.


Wow, this is a fun way to document the years. I can only count 5, not including my parents cars that I drove and can't remember what they were - it didn't matter to me as long as they were a ride. We name our cars too (currently on Dieter the Diesel) but BBB takes the prize.

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