Summer of mystery

#100happydays - Days 93-100


1. The parking expansion project is underway this Labor Day weekend., 2. Laundry day!, 3. Packed up another box of photos to send to ScanCafe today & found this favorite from my second birthday. I'm the towhead!, 4. Stormy weather... all day, all around., 5. New day dawns after a stormy night., 6. Working hard at the market! We had to buy a hat for him this morning.. Gran is slacking., 7. Yesterday at Kewaunee., 8. Going back in time... 2 months, the 4th of July. Junah wasn't quite sitting up without assistance so the boys, freshly repatriated from Brazil, set him up like the little prince. But, of course.

That's a wrap on that! I'll soon have more of a "wrap up" and something to say. For now, bring on all the days!!




May the happiness continue to shine through the next 100 days and beyond, Vicki!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

That title sounds dire. But I know you didn't mean it that way. On to another hundred!


Your laundry on the line is one of my favorite things!


Love the dock picture. Those 100 days went by quickly!


I've really enjoyed this series... hope the happiness continues well into 100+ days!

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