Ten on Tuesday: Baby, you can drive my car (again)
The way it is

The week in (mostly) pictures



The weather has been simply spectacular.



Local beer flight(s) accompany lunch out with a friend on Wednesday.


I made Lamb Chops, Pearl Couscous & Snap Peas, and Harissa from Plated on Tuesday night. On Wednesday night it was Chicken with Anchovy Oil. So good. (That should be a referral link, if you're interested in checking it out -- 2 free plates for you, plus 2 for me.) 


I stopped at the store on the way home last night to pick up a few things to make Bacon & Cheese Quiche. I wrote "bacon" on my list twice, and of course I came home without it. So I hopped on my bike and rode to the store to get it. Look how long the shadows are already!




Look at that gorgeous blue sky! And flights of beer are my favorite way to drink beer. Mmmm. Happy weekend!


Lovely weather, indeed. I made lamb chops last night, too -- we should be friends, friends should have something in common!


Fall is beautiful and delicious up there - glad you're enjoying all of it! Happy Weekend!!

Kim Dean

I got the lamb chop plates, too, but haven't made them yet. I did make the sausage, spinach and tortellini soup, which was fantastic.

And, the blue of the sky this time of year is perfect.


I'm fairly certain that riding your bike to the store to get the bacon cancels out any unfortunate bacon consequences. Yep, sure of it!


So enjoying this weather, can we make it last until end of October?
Plated sounds like an interesting concept.


Beautiful weather, great food, and local beer. Sounds like the good life!!

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