Ten on Tuesday: Chicago-Grand Rapids Weekend
It's only natural

9 Months!


He cut a third tooth (the first on top) over the weekend, and is just beginning to crawl. Figuring it all out!


Compare: 9 Weeks, above, and 9 Months, below (special attention to bear!).


Also, hair! You cannot see it, but it's there... soft and wispy, it even blows in the wind!  :)




So sweet! Such fun to watch them put it all together and advance through the stages of growth and development.


Great photos, especially the use of the giant bear in the 9 wk and the tiny bear in the 9 month! ;)


WOW! They grow so quickly! I have enjoyed watching Junah grow through the last nine months, as well as, your delight at his changes.


He's been on the outside as long as he was on the inside! He's so freakin' cute, Vicki!


I can totally see hair in that first photo! blond and beautiful! I am amazed at how quickly these little ones change. Lucky you to see him on day one, day 63, today... and so many of the days in between!


He has the most adorable...everything. But look at that arm! So cute!

Beth in Seattle

What a sweetie.


I love watching Junah grow! What a delight!

Kim Dean

The red diaper cover is TOO cute. Hard to believe it's been 9 months already.


What a cutie pie.


Will someone please feed that poor child?

Those little arms & legs are killing me!

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