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What's a knitting belt?

In Tuesday's post, I mentioned that my knitting belt would invariably be among the items in my project bag. I don't use it everyday, but it is essential for anything I knit on DPNs.

I am most comfortable knitting on straight needles -- the longer the better -- and avoid using circulars whenever possible (almost always). I normally anchor the right needle of a single-point pair in my "lap," throw my yarn with my right hand, and work the stitches with my left-hand needle.

If I knit on DPNs, the knitting belt comes into play as a place to anchor the right-hand needle. Before I bought the knitting belt, I'd use my clothing to anchor the needle -- not very well, most times, and I'd often end up with a holey shirt, too! I don't usually even put the belt on and buckle it, I just rest it in my lap.

You can understand why I avoid circs, as there is no "end" to anchor. I feel loosey-goosey and completely out of control when I knit on circulars!


I bought my knitting belt a few years ago from Journeyman Leather in Shetland.

(What I'd really like next is a knitting sheath!)

You can read more here:

It is worth a googling -- "knitting belt" -- for web pages, images, and videos. You'll also find references to speed and production knitting.

  • Knitting for Speed & Efficiency by Felicia Lo (sweetgeorgia)
  • Stephanie Pearl McPhee/The Yarn Harlot teaches the class called Knitting for Speed & Efficiency (as referenced in Felicia's post, above) and, while I haven't personally taken it, I definitely would... it's worth keeping an eye on Stephanie's schedule for upcoming events




It's been years and years since I've used a straight needle, but after watching you knit with straights I was intrigued by your method and loved watching you knit.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

That's how I learned to knit as a kid, and it look me a long time to change my habits so circs are now equally comfortable. Although I'll stick a straight needle into my lap anytime, still.


Isn't it funny how we all have our own style? I use circs almost exclusively.


I've heard of people knitting that way but never thought about what they did when they used DPNs. I had never seen or heard of a knitting belt. Very interesting!
I use circulars almost exclusively, DPNS only when necessary, and only own a few pair of straights from when I was a kid (but never use them).


Wow! I had never heard of a knitting belt! It is fascinating how we all fall into our knitting "ways." I always use circs, but when it comes to socks/mittens/sleeves, I dig out the DPNs. (Never could come to love the magic loop thing . . .)


that's really interesting - now I want to see a video of you using the thing! (I love that there are as many different ways to knit as there are knitters!)

Kim Dean

It's amazing how very differently every knitter holds the needles. My grandmother held hers like silverware; I never have understood how she got anything done.


My friend knits with one straight needle between her knees and then just "moves" the other one. I have heard of knitting belts but I would have to try one out to see if they are useful to me - I could be missing out on a great tool!


I would love to watch you knit! I'm a circ girl pretty exclusively now. Happy Friday!

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