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A new view

I had a new view of my city yesterday.


This is from the 3rd floor of the historic Eagle Mill. I've never been inside before, but was offered that opportunity yesterday and a quick tour of the building.


The Eagle Mill is part of the new Grand KaKalin riverfront development project. Groundbreaking took place on November 5th.

The entire 3rd floor will be headquarters for the current owners of the Thilmany Mill, Expera Specialty Solutions.

Our public library will relocate, occupying the 2nd floor of the enormous old mill, and more than doubling the size of their current space. I've mixed feelings about that; I love our beautiful Carnegie library and worked there when I was in high school, but a newer addition has significant issues. And the library is truly tiny -- even with the addition (which was built after I worked there). It's cute, but oh so small.

The lower level, also enormous, will be home to more office and retail space.

Deep breath. This is a very good thing. I have confidence in the developer's commitment to reviving while preserving historic places, and they have a good track record.

I can't wait for the grand opening!! It'll be fun to watch the project progress over the next year.




What will happen to your Carnegie Library? We have one in my town (I spent my teen-aged years hanging out in the stacks) and they did a great addition a number of years ago (more than 10) so ours is still a library.


The problem with Carnegie libraries is that they are so decidedly not handicapped accessible. Although that can be remedied. A new library -- what fun!


Overall, it does sound like a good thing. It is hard to let go of precious places, though.


Our library in Ashland, MA is a Carnegie Library too...oh the hours I spent there. Renovated mills are always so beautiful though!


I understand your feelings about the library but this sounds like a great opportunity for them to be in a terrific space. I am on the building committee for the library in our town and we are very committed to adding on to the existing building rather than tearing it down and starting over but it would difficult to pass up something like this.


Saving an old building is a great thing for a company to do. I had no idea we had Carnegie libraries in Utah, let alone our town. Most of the buildings still stand including the original building in our little town. It's only about 4 miles from our house!


It does sound like a good thing, and hopefully history will be preserved. My sympathies to the library staff that will eventually be moving! I've helped move two different libraries and the planning and sheer work involved is enormous, but worth it in the end.

Steph VW

I had mixed feelings when our city announced there would be a new library branch in Halifax and that the old branch would be closed. The old building was so nice but had its problems, like being closed on hot days in the summer because it was too hot to work inside. Then the design of the new library was unveiled, and holy cow! I can't wait to check it out! It opens Dec 13. So, moves can be sad, but also exciting.

(Halifax regional library; Do a quick search on it if you have a minute. It's beautiful.)


I hope the developer keeps his promises...the new space sounds like it will be well-used and beautiful (and I hope they do something great, too, with the spaces they're leaving behind)! (btw - are those SNOWFLAKES??!! they're huge!!)


Change is always hard, but this sounds like it could be beautiful. xoxo

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