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Flashback Friday



My book club is obviously better than yours!

a) Because our meeting last night was at the Appleton Beer Factory (delicious food, delicious beer!).

b) Because what a great group of women with so much to talk about and share (even when some of us, including me, haven't read the book).

c) Because knit-themed lemon poppyseed birthday cake!!

Yep, it's my birthday again. And it's been a great day so far!

I started my 4-day birthday weekend by running some errands with Katie and then she took me out to lunch at Zuppas. When we got home, Maddy was in the kitchen cooking up some stew for supper. She's staying overnight and is planning to come with me to knit night tonight with her current cross-stitch project. Ali will be over in a while with Junah and, well, I couldn't ask for much more.

Margene mentioned SketchGuru the other day and I've had fun playing around with this app!


I've been so envious of all my Waterloguing iFriends, now I can finally watercolor, too!

And more!


I loved the Corcoa coasters that Susan B. Anderson recently blogged about, especially the Knitting Coaster Set. I ordered two sets and they arrived a couple of days ago. I've been using one set and thought I'd give the other away for my birthday!

I get presents, you get presents, everybody's happy!

Leave a comment on this or any NaBloPoMo 2014 post from now through Sunday at midnight (Nov. 9, CST) to enter! I've been dabbling with the dye again, filling some special orders... and then some... so they'll likely be well padded with wool for shipping!


Thanks for reading, and for all of your lovely comments.




You're using the new app to its fullest! Happy Birthday, dear friend!


Happy birthday! Reason enough to celebrate for at least a week.

Maggie M

Happy birthday!

Michelle B.

Happy birthday! It sounds like the perfect weekend for you! Enjoy!


Sounds like your birthday celebrating is going perfectly! Enjoy your time with your family! Lots of love to you!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Happy birthday (again) and may I say you know how to celebrate the right way! I adore my bookgroup, but I have to admit yours is at least equal, from the sound of it. Party on!


Happy Birthday! Love the coasters.


Been shopping for an art app, until then, I'm enjoying everyone else's artwork.


Happy Birthday! Your book club and family know how to do it up right. Here's hoping the celebration continues!

Karen Majors

Happy Birthday!! My birthday is in 10 days and I may have to do a whole weekend celebration too.


I have to say, you really know how to do the birthday thing in style. I'm loving what you did with those pictures, so beautiful.


Happy Birthday! What a fun day -- and what a fun app!


Happy Birthday. Sounds like you are and will be having a wonderful birthday celebration. Can wait to see what you've been dyeing. (Assuming that you can share of course.)


Sounds like you're having a happy birthday. Best wishes for the coming year.

Janet Carroll

Happy Birthday (again!). I love reading your blog postings and was especially touched by the lovely article you wrote about the lake cabin.
I love your birthday cake! Glad you were able to spend it with both family and with fellow knitters (sorry I missed it!). Here's to a great year for you,


Happy Birthday! Although I don't comment very often, I do enjoy reading your blog. Best wishes for the coming year!


Happy Birthday Vicki! ;-)

Cris Bjork

Happy Birthday! Love the coasters and the "special effects".

Barbara S

Happy Birthday, Vicki...so wonderful to be surrounded by family and good friends no your birthday. Love your photos.


Happy Birthday to you, and thank you for sharing your happiness with all of us.

bookboxer1 at gmail dot com


Happy birthday! Wishing you a blessed year to come!


Happy Birthday


A very happy birthday to you this week.


Happy B-day! And many more.


belated best wishes! ...and welcome to the wonderful world of watercolor. it is fun, isn't it?!

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