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Craft Friday

So far, my Craft Friday has involved a lot more cleaning & rearranging than crafting! I'm trying to make room for the Christmas tree.

I also spent some time visiting with my sister, her husband, and mine this afternoon; and setting the boys up for some drawing.

And pumpkin pie.

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Craftsy's Black Friday Sale is happening NOW through Monday, December 1st. During their biggest sale of the year, all classes are $19.99 or less! This is my kind of Black Friday (or any day) shopping -- a Craftsy class is one of those gifts that keeps on giving, and this is a fantastic deal; there any time of the day or night, any day of the week! I am truly a fan, with classes of my own in sewing, patternmaking, knitting, weaving, and photography. Check it out!




I haven't crafted a damn thing today. I helped out setting up Christmas tree sales with Kiwanis and then I came home and started putting up Christmas stuff. And now it's after 5pm. This day FLEW by!


Today has been heavenly, as I've been able to relax, walking when I want, crafting as my mood allows, and even cleaning up a few things around here. Hope you get a little crafting in tonight. I'm going to check out Craftsy now!


I knitted a little and mostly put up Christmas decorations...but still, it was what I *wanted* to do not what I "had" to or "needed" to do...and it was fun!


Checking this out! I may become a seamstress after all! ;-) (and minimal crafting done but still - relaxing day!)

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