Saturday Sky

Flashback Friday


We were busy cleaning out the upstairs apartment at this time last year and part of that meant dealing with all the kids' projects, artwork, and paperwork that I'd saved since they were in preschool. I saved some, threw some out, took pictures of a lot. Obviously, this is Maddy's work and I'm thinking it was pre-K.

I'm beginning to think about Thanksgiving, aren't you?




I love that! What did you do with it? I'm at a loss as to what do with some of my kids artwork. Time does go by fast, doesn't it.


I'm looking forward to what unT-day feast you have up your sleeve! My mom saved my "art work", too! They're wonderful treasures.


I sure am - my house is decorated and I just love Thanksgiving stuff even if it is hard to find amongst all the Christmas flotsam that has already arrived.

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Be glad you started the clean out last year--or you could be like me, and be sorting out Junah's artwork and your daughters' at the same time ;-)


kid art is the best! I can't believe we have less than three weeks until Thansgiving!!

Kim Dean

Oh, my gosh --- I have two decorations exactly like that! We use them, the napkin rings and the placemats both my children made in Preschool every year.

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