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After two days, I've finally cleared the space for our Christmas tree! I've done a lot of other things, too! There have been lots of distractions. Sorting (and alphabetizing) albums, pulling out the Christmas vinyl; stashing the knitting machines/parts; reorganizing *stuff.*

We'll haul the tree up this afternoon and then, I suppose, decorate tomorrow... or maybe start tonight. I'm not sure I want to haul trimmings down right now. I finished knitting a gift hat last night (Craft Friday!) and have some other quick gift knits that I'm anxious to start. We'll see.

Hope you're having a fantastic Saturday!




Sounds like you've accomplished quite a bit in the last couple of days!
I love the stack of clothes waiting to be carried upstairs (or so I assume, as that's how I do it, too).


I forgot what an cool spot you have for your tree. I seem to recall a few dimly lit pictures with that sort of magic Christmas tree light in them from a year passed. Have fun with it!


what a perfect spot for your Christmas tree! I love the stockings going up the stairs, too. (I can't believe it's Sunday already...where did the holiday weekend go?!)


We've got Christmas about 1/2 done but we won't have a tree until right before the holiday since Dale insists on a live one. It's a lot of work to get the house ready but it's so nice to sit back and admire it all when it's done.


Just like painting, the prep work seems to take the most time. My take-it-upstairs pile is in the same place!


Looking good Vicki - let's say we have similar challenges :-) and bottom of the stair piles!

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