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It wasn't long before my mother's death -- a few months, perhaps -- when, one day, I walked into her family room and she, seated in the recliner as usual, started waving a section of the newspaper at me: "Read this." There was an article about cremains. The gist of it being that there are a lot of cremains around -- and by "around," I don't mean scattered as the deceased may have wished; they're in boxes or bags, sitting on a shelf or in a cupboard, or next to the furnace on the basement floor, because people are "too busy" and don't make it a priority to see that their loved one's last wishes are carried out.


For a while, I believe my mother found it comforting to have Sharon's ashes near, but by late winter, and perhaps realizing that her own death was approaching, it became important to Mom that Sharon be put to rest as she'd wished. Well, Mum died before we could all do that together, so that's actually going to be a story for another day (probably tomorrow)...

Today, it's about how my sisters, daughters, niece, and I made it a priority and gathered at Wild Apple Gallery the day before Mom's memorial in August. We'd always intended to go, along with my mother, to make glass memorials with some of Sharon's ashes. I'd called to inquire about a session shortly after Sharon died but, without any sense of urgency, we never made it a priority to actually get it scheduled.


So many bits & bobs and tools and pieces of glass!


I don't remember what it's called, but that white piece is fire-proof and prevents the glass from fusing together in that spot. I can insert a small rod or cord through the opening for hanging.


Not of all the pieces encapsulated ashes, but many of them did.



These are my finished pieces. The sunflower is in remembrance of Mom (it's approx. 4" square, for scale), and the single flower on a blue background is of Sharon, a small bit of their ashes encased in each; the other piece is for both: flowers & blue polka-dot sky!


In the tradition of a Sister Weekend, we gathered, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we made a mess, and we created! Together.




Having a tangible connection and nearness to a loved one is very important and this is a very interesting way to do that. Thanks for sharing your lovely mementoes.


Those are fantastic memorials of your mom and Sharon! What a great way to celebrate their lives!


Your mother would love that her family was together creating beautiful pieces of glass and now she is a very real part of your creative process. Every time I see your beautiful glass pieces they tug at my heart. Lovely, Vicki, their just lovely.


What a wonderful idea and just right for a creative family.

Steph VW



What a wonderful idea. And such a nice way to have a piece of whomever you are remembering.


Wow. What a remarkable way to memorialize Sharon and your Mom. Families rock.


This is the best blog post I've read in a long time. I LOVE that y'all created something beautiful. together. with what could've been simply sad. (and you shared it with us - thank you!)

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Everything about this is just beautiful- including all the faces in the last photo!


What a lovely memento for each of you!

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