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I am still plugging away at the Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL!

I threw all my finished squares into a Eucalan bath yesterday while dealing with the mouse situation. There's a blue-bleeder in there! Yikes.

I pinned them out while watching the Packer game. (There is an unintentional but decidedly Packer-esque square in there!) I've been going back and forth about that yellow... Anyway, I threaded one side of each square onto a blocking wire to speed the process.

They are truly random squares, worked in fingering/sock on a size US 4 needle; they're comfortably pinned out at 7" square.

So, there are 13 finished; the 14th came off the needles while watching an episode of Peaky Blinders. Not sure how long I'll keep going or how big this will be in the end. It's still enjoyable...

Meanwhile, I keep thinking about holiday knitting -- how much I'd like to give handknits to people and how it really takes something special to knit for others (except for Junah... it doesn't take anything special to knit for him!). Anyway, I'm thinking boot-toppers for the girls, and I owe Rusty a hat... soon.




Those squares are looking great. I know Hannah would love boot toppers, too.


Is that real Packers colors or the throw-back blue? Those were strange.

Kim Dean

I'm all about boot toppers right now.

How is "Peaky Blinders"? I love Sam Neill, you know.


Lovely squares! I'm with you on "how it really takes something special to knit for others". I wish I could knit for everyone on my list, but I'm a slow (and possibly selfish) knitter, so I have to be realistic when knitting for others. I should probably finish my sister's socks from two years ago...


Boot toppers and hats make quick knitting, but you realize you're running out of time! Knit for Junah, everyone will understand, right?


I wish I had more time to knit. I think there will be very few hand-knits under the tree this year. . . I love your squares.


boot toppers would be a great (and could be quick!) knit. I'm only knitting for Katie and Sara. and Charlie. I wish I could knit more for him, but he's got a momma, an aunt and two great aunts knitting for him. he can only wear so much!

p.s. love the progress on your squares. I have yet to start a single one, but I know seeing the FO's show up just about the time I'll be ready to start will spur me on!


Those squares are beautiful. And no hand knits time at all. Kind of makes me sad!

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