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The weekend

Remember that time...


...that I went to Brazil?

We've been slammed with the cold weather here, so naturally I've been thinking about the warm! Our high temp hasn't been above freezing for about a week and a half! That's not normal at this time of year (though it's really hard to say what's "normal" anymore).

Meanwhile, the folks I was visiting in Rio are posting photos and updates from their vacation in the Bahamas this week, and I'm struggling to remember why I declined that invitation!! Haha.


It would sure be nice to take a warm-weather holiday sometime this winter. Do you like to get away in the winter? Where's your favorite place to go -- and when?? Tempt me...




we (Mother/Daughter) are doing the Flower and Garden Show opening week at Walt Disney World (March 3-11), staying at the Boardwalk Resort using my DVC (Disney Vacation Club) points. By early March I will be craving the warmth we should find in Orlando, and time away from the Northeast (Massachusetts)...


I'd rather go someplace cold in the summer when it's hot and humid here! I like cold weather, but we've only been below freezing for about four or five days. I will probably have a different viewpoint in Jan. or Feb. when my back is aching from shoveling. Knit something toasty and stay warm!


We've gone to Mexico the last two years but in April. February would make more sense but I worry so much about snow interfering with our flight. I know I'm not mature enough to handle a cancellation!


I follow the sun all over the world IN MY DREAMS! Someday I'll truly head for a beach and enjoy the sun in winter.


We've been to Mexico and the Dominican Republic in the winter...it is nice to have a December tan! (and ha! this year, I'm planning a winter trip to Wisconsin!)


Go swim with the dolphins in Bimini: Dolphin Expeditions.... live on board the boat.... soak up the sun, be amazed at those beautiful creatures... one of the best vacations I've ever taken.


We used to go camping in the Florida Keys, but haven't done it for years. Now that we are both retired, maybe...

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