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The first "sticky" snow of the season. Thank goodness it's not very much.

My Sunday plans have been slightly derailed this morning with the discovery of a mouse in the house! I like them in all forms except live in my house. So, this morning, I've been washing all the things!!

Also, it smells like a candy cane factory in here with all the peppermint oil-infused, mouse-repellant cotton balls I'm tucking into corners. Emptied one bottle, on to the next...

Hope your day is slightly more on track!




My morning got a little derailed when I had to deal with squirrels that we caught in traps in the attic, but they've now been taken for a ride across the river. Good riddance to your mice!


You need a cat! At least the peppermint oil is a good smell, right?


We had about the same amount of snow. Hope you caught that mouse!!


No mice here (hope you can say the same soon!), but way more snow than that. Must winter come every year?


oh no! hope you scared him back outside...but have to say, I can't blame him for trying - the inside of your house looks cozy and inviting compared to all that cold white stuff outside!

Steph VW

Ack! Mice in our house lead to cleaning and enclosing all our food in plastic containers. It is a nightmare.


it must be the year of mice...does the peppermint oil really work? I have a problem too, led to some precious sock yarn stash being tossed, too hard to figure out how to wash...lots of cleaning with bleach...only mice I like are Mickey and Minnie

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