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Ten on Tuesday: Collection

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Ten on Tuesday:  10 Collections I've Had Over The Years

1. Depression Glass. D is for Depression Glass.


Make mine green. I came to have a couple of my grandmother's pieces and spent quite a few years growing a collection. My mom collected pink, and it was fun to "hunt" together. We spent a lot of time, over the years, at flea markets and auctions! As usual, I set parameters (specific pieces or shape/pattern) and it was really fun.


There are even collections within the collection! I've always "had a thing" for measuring cups.



It's displayed in a few different places, mostly in the kitchen and most of it is in this cabinet (which hides my kitchen sink). Collections are meant to be together and I love how  it looks, especially illuminated!

2. Cookbooks. I have a big collection of those!

3. Sewing Baskets & Stands & Things.


S is for Sewing! Needle cases, measuring tapes, spool holders, pin cushions... 

4. Knitting Needles.


I like them long and straight! There are a lot of vintage Bates and Boye aluminum specimens, which I seem to favor, but I also like bamboo and the Quicksilver needles.

5. Cabinet Photographs.


I especially have a thing for photos of babies, children, and women. And men. And wedding photos. And school room photos. And family photos, especially outside of and including the house. And... well, I guess I'm not too particular about the subject, but there's always something that speaks to me, often it's an "attitude."

6. Mice.


R is for Rodents. I don't think I've bought a single one of these... sometimes a collection happens whether you want it to or not. My nickname as a baby was "Mouse," and my dad used it well into my adult years. So, of course! I must want to collect mice! I don't mind, really, there are some very special ones -- a few of porcelain that Grandma made for me, some that the kids made. There is not a single Mickey Mouse specimen pictured but, trust me, he's well represented!

7. Pansies. You know it, P is for Pansies!


Pictures, pitchers, jardinieres, calendars, tiles, prints, china...

8. Poultry, apparently: Chicken- and/or duck-shaped covered glass dishes and/or ceramic planters (yellow).


I have a collection of exactly two yellow ceramic chicken planters. They were both Sharon's and I always thought that it would be fun to add to that collection, but so far I've not found any that fit the criteria! And that's okay!

I've a number of glass "chicken dishes," a few different sizes, some clear and some opaque.

The real treasure (never before photographed, it seems) is an old bubble bath container, a covered glass duck-shaped dish. When she was a girl, my mother bought one for my grandmother as a gift; Grandma always used it to hold her bobby pins. I found one at an auction and, of course, it holds my bobby pins, too. Mom also found one, and it even had the little bubble bath scoop still tied with ribbon to the duck's neck.

9. Bowls. B is for Bowls.

I like having choices?


10. Rubberbands. I used to have a thing for twisty-ties, but now it's rubberbands.

I have found myself feeling less and less a collector. I haven't added to any of these collections in quite some time and have even been thinning.

I've culled some of the depression glass, for instance, but it's now out of the cabinet and sitting in a box. So I still have it. There's not much demand for it, anymore, and even though I never spent a whole lotta money (or, at least, it averages out to very little per piece), it's hard to just give away something I once spent so much time looking for.




I've looked at people's lovely collections all morning but haven't been tempted to start any new collections myself until I saw your gorgeous green measuring cups! I know I'm going to be looking for my own tri-spout measure and measuring juicer in my flea market travels. Thanks for sharing!


You took a lot of time to pull this post together with the photographs and all. It's wonderful!


Lovely collections, Vicki! I especially love the measuring cups! (For me, it's kind of the cream pitchers that do me in.)


I love your depression glass. I have my nani's pink (of course!) pyrex 1950s kitchen-ware: casseroles, mixing bowls and lids.


When I see collections like yours I am in awe of not only the beauty of each piece, but the time it took to put the whole of the collection together. Everything you have is dear. Your house is full of wonderful memories and love.


i too collected mice. i said when i got 100 i could get married. i got my engagement ring attached to the clapper of a mouse bell....number 96. i had 100 by the time we were married. not many additions since.............

fun to see your other collections as well


I have four green plates to match your lovely collection... and yeah, LOVE the utility of the measuring cups and the juicers. I might "need" to add one or two of those to my collection! You have some beautiful memories tied up in all those collections - thank you for sharing a glimpse with us!


What fun collections! My parents have an antique English china cabinet filled with the pink depression glass that they collected when they were first married. We joke that they were meant for each other because they each had the same pink cookie jar when they met.

I might try to get a collections post written today, now that I'm "back to reality" after being in your neighborhood for the Packers game. :) I wore my "Simply Green & Gold" shawlette from your yarn to the game. :)


Hey there, I found you via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

I love that green glass. I have a small collection of cobalt blue glass and by small I mean less than 10 pieces. I'd love to have a whole cabinet full one day. :)

I'm not sure why I want to collect glass when I am 99% more likely than anyone else to break glass. It is a dangerous object in my kitchen and therefore I have it all packed away safely where I can't hurt it. :) But I just love that blue glass.

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Happy NaBloPoMo to you!

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