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Ten on Tuesday: Play me

Ten on Tuesday:  10 Musicians I Would Bring Back From The Dead

1. Dan Fogelberg. Twin Sons of Different Mothers was a favorite among favorites in my collection of Dan Fogelberg albums. Dan's music was/is like an old friend.

2. Buddy Holly. What might have been had the music not died that day?

3. (Mama) Cass ElliottWhat a voice. I loved her both solo and as part of The Mamas & the Papas. Also: John Denver!

4. John Lennon.

5. George Harrison.

Beatles- Let It Be from Haley Temin on Vimeo.

And, thereby, The Beatles!

6. Marvin Gaye. Was there anyone more sexy smooth than Marvin?

7. Janis Joplin. 

8. Eva CassidyA voice like no other. 

9. Michael Jackson. What can I say? We grew up together, and I miss him.

10. Johnny Cash

And about a million more... I can't even.




It was so very hard to limit myself to Just 10 today. We have some overlap, and I considered ALL of the others you have here that I didn't include. (Oh, Dan Fogelberg. He got me through so very many hard days. . .)


Everyone who has made a list (so far) has many of the same artists listed. Johnny Cash was Smith's pick and many on your list would have made my top 20! Marvin Gaye! SO, so sexy.

Lydia S

Some of the same are on my list, and others that I thought about as well. So much REAL talent that is gone.


Your list is excellent.


I'm really kicking myself for forgetting Eva Cassidy! We have quite a few same answers. Very good taste in music.


choosing only 10 was really hard! love that Mama Cass/John Denver bit...and oh yeah, Marvin Gaye (that was Marc's suggestion and I wish I'd thought of it first myself!)

Karen Majors

My list would be very similar, most are on my IPhone. I will have to check out Eva Cassidy.


Oh man, I forgot about Dan Fogelberg!! Captured Angel!

kelli ann

My latest crush is a singer named Rose Cousins and her cover of Gordon Lightfoot's 'If You Could Read My Mind.' Like, windows down and bellowing-singiing along even when it is -8 C outside and I look like such a nutbar. Oh, I wish I could create-summon up-actually SPIN time for listening, knitting, creating. The rest of time and the world could get along fine without me, methinks!

gale zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

I didn't know Dan Fogelburg was dead. sigh. I am not sure I'd still be a fan of his music if it came out now, too mellow, but MAN does it being back memories of a time, and of staring at him on the album cover....


Wasn't Mama Cass the best? This was a great week!

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