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December crazies

The end

It's the end of November. The prospect of December and January has me really looking for someplace warm to go in February.

It's the end of NaBloPoMo. It's been fun!

I am so, so sad that it's the end of a really great 5-day weekend! I spent most of it with family (a little or a lot), and fairly low-key and unplugged, except for a daily blog post and a few Facebook posts/shares.

I did some knitting, a lot of cleaning, a little cooking (I smoked up the house real good).

The tree is up and mostly lit (decorations will wait). I had to buy a few new strings of lights and LED are all that's available now, so they don't exactly match, but I don't think it'll matter much once it's all done.

I've been doing a little Christmas shopping, too! Nothing too major, but gathering ideas and getting a grip on things... it feels like it's coming together!

I really have no idea what we're actually doing for Christmas, but I'm sure that'll come together, too.

The company party is on Friday, and I'm looking forward to that.


Meanwhile, Happy St. Andrew's Day!!


Thanks for reading, folks.




I have decorations but no tree until much later this month. I'm sad to go back to work today, too!


I put the candles in the windows, but that's it for decorations so far.


Lights adorn all the surfaces of my room and that's as decorated as we'll get, but it's festive nonetheless.
Boo, for a new week, I'm not ready to face the piper.


It was great hearing from you this past month!


It's been a great ride, Vicki! (And lights will get us through these bleak days of winter -- LED or otherwise.) XO


Congrats on the 30 days! I'm hoping to get that Christmas thought process kicked off trip next weekend so I've got the week to think!


Thanks for the daily posts...enjoyed them all! Everything is better w/ twinkle lights!


ALL twinkle lights are good... and it's been great hearing from you and seeing so much of your family. You are an inspiration in so many ways and it's a bright spot in my day to get a post (or a comment!) from you. Thank you, Vicki!


Thanks for writing, ma'm!

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