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Throwback Thursday

Sharing a post from 6 years ago today yesterday (I'm seriously date-challenged today):

12 November 2008

These three...

...make me "smile in my liver."

That's one of my favorite lines from Eat, Pray, Love. I even wrote it down on a piece of paper (rare).

Also on that piece of paper, and from that book, and fitting right here and now:

"...little girls who make their mothers live grow up to be such powerful women."

I am feelin' the power. OMG. How I love these girls. How they give me strength.

I am also LOVING this picture -- taken by my sister Sharon over the weekend as the girls were having their picture taken from another direction!

* * * * *

And I still feel the same today (Thursday, November 13th!) (maybe if I write it, I'll remember it). I can't believe all that has happened in the past 6 years years. The circle of life. These girls continue to move and shake the world, each in their own way, and they inspire me every single day. I'm so proud of them.




You have raised three amazing women. I've enjoyed watching them change and grow, through the years and across the miles. xox


Just. Awesome. XO

Kim Dean

That is a glorious photo. Tremendous results, I'd say, from their upbringings.


This was a post that was definitely worth re-posting. Lots of changes in the last 6 years but still the same circle of love.


Oh, all thoes wonderful red heads (and the blon too)... :)


being a mama to beautiful women is such a gift. (and three of!)

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