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Weekending  Eye Candy Monday


I have loved that blue-green, teal-y water and those pink, blue, purple, and yellow-green apples from the moment I "watercolored" this photo of apples awaiting bobbing at Annie's Halloween party.

Thank you, Margene, for the introduction to the SketchGuru app!

On Thursday, I had 1.5 hours between work and knit night, and some yarn that could soak for not one minute longer, so I mixed and stirred, poured and squished, rolled and steamed.

Ahhhh, that yarn makes me feel pretty happy right now. I used three different types of yarn and three similar but slightly different techniques. Chances are quite good that it'll all look like clown barf once knitted up -- that's a lot of strong color -- but (right now) I don't care.




I think it's going to be awesome with no clown barf in sight!


Ohhh... Love!
I know someone that would love wearing anything knitted with such color combination!


the colors are great.....no clown barf


Yarn that happy doesn't need to be knit. But, of course, it must be! Well done!!


"Clown Barf' is just a special yarn in search of the perfect project. It helps if I think of it as a quest.


That is some amazing yarn! I think you captured each of the colors beautifully.


how cool that you can take a photo and turn it into yarn! I can't imagine those gorgeous skeins will make clown barf. nope. no way.


Beautiful colors Vicki! Barf-free construction!


You could double-strand it with a solid color to tone down the clown barf if you want. Or stripe it with a dark solid, a la the Noro Striped scarf.

Or you could go BIG AND COLORFUL and let the clown barf roll!

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