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On Friday night, I put my jammies on early, caught up on some recorded TV, and started knitting a hat for Junah.

My sister Ann & fam came down on Saturday to see Big Hero 6, and I tagged along. I ate DOTS and popcorn, and snooze/dozed through a good portion of the middle, but it wasn't too difficult to catch up with what was going on for the big finale. It was cute, the boys really enjoyed it; there is definitely room for pre- and/or sequels, as the powers that be see fit (and/or see dollar signs).

I finished knitting Junah's hat on Saturday night, attached the buttons on Sunday morning, and delivered it Sunday afternoon. Details tomorrow on Wednesday!


Something new was waiting on the porch on Sunday morning. I haven't had a Sunday paper delivered in quite a few years... all of a sudden (and a pretty good offer), it seems like a good idea. Winter's coming. I like the idea of cozying up with a cuppa and The Times. It's all available electronically, too, which I love.

Annie and I went out to the mall & area later on Sunday morning to do some returns and for a little shopping. Also a birthday chair-massage. I strained my back a week ago last Friday and it's been very slowly improving; I think the massage was pretty well timed and, wow, did I/do I ever have some hard little knots in various places. My back is better, still not perfect... such a bummer.

Sunday night was all about football... and it was good. It was very, very good!

This morning I awoke to snow falling. It's the first I've seen this year with my own two eyes. Folks around us are going to see much more than I!!




Boo on the snow but the rest sounds great!


Your weekend sounds perfectly nice, as it should be as b-day follow-up.I haven't caved for the NYTs Sunday edition (as yet), but you tempt me. Glad the back is improving, albeit slowly.


Hopefully you don't have to shovel snow and further upset your back. Reading the NYT, some knitting, and maybe another massage would be much better for it!


What a nice weekend! ...and yeah, snow! I don't think Sara's had much, but she did get inspired (finally!!) to buy a coat.

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